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Giruge is a Spacewoman Agent of Zanon who first appears in the 1980 Daei film Gamera: Super Monster.


Showa era

Gamera: Super Monster

Giruge is utilised by Zanon as one of his many alien servants, having defected from the Spacewomen at some point before the film's events. She travels to Earth aboard Spaceship Zanon, and from there attempts to kill the Spacewomen and prevent Gamera from defeating Zanon's revived Kaiju, be it by simply scouting ahead or actively fighting them using her blaster. After Barugon, the final monster in Zanon's arsenal, is defeated, Giruge combats the Spacewomen in one final battle, but is brought to her senses and returns to her formerly-good nature. However, Zanon then kills her with a blast from Spaceship Zanon's laser cannons. - Dead Kamoebas DAI

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