Giant Turtle

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Giant Turtle
Giant Turtle
Species                         Nicknames
Mutated Sea Turtle None
Height                           Length
Unknown Unknown
Weight                             Forms
Unknown None
Controlled by                 Relationships
None None
  Allies                             Enemies
None Godzilla, Komodithrax
First Appearance
End of the Line 
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The Giant Turtle (ジャイアントタートル,   Jaianto Tātoru?) is a kaiju that appeared in the Godzilla: The Series episode, End of the Line.


Godzilla: The Series

End of the Line

The giant turtle was seen off the coast of Alaska and sank the ship that Nick and Audrey were having a romantic cruise on. It attacked again when it found them on a nearby deserted island, but they were saved by Komodithrax. Later, the giant turtle returned and attacked Godzilla and Komodithrax's nest while the military launched a missile strike on the island. During the battle, both the giant turtle and Komodithrax fell into a fissure that opened in the ground and disappeared.


  • The giant turtle may be a nod to Gamera or Kamoebas, simply due to the fact it is a giant turtle kaiju.

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