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The Giant Rats (大ネズミ,   Oonezumi?, lit. Large Rat) are giant rat kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in the 1969 film, Latitude Zero.


The Giant Rats simply look like gigantic, dark, sewer rats. Their eyes are bright yellow with orange pupils


Latitude Zero

The Giant Rats were originally just normal rats living on Malik's island, until he enhanced them with his growth serum. The rats acted as the doctor's guard dogs, guarding their master's hideout. The Rat's were put to the test after the crew of Alpha stumbled upon Malik's cave. The rats fended them off for s short while before McKenzie utilized his flamethrower which got rid of a few. To kill the rest, the crew flew over an acid pool in their helicopter. The rats chased after them, but, were too focused to realize the acid. With their heads looking into the sky, the rats fell straight into the pit and were burned alive.


While not having any special abilites, the Giant Rats can utilize their teeth and claws in combat.


Like most living things, the rats are weak to fire and acid. These weaknesses led to the rats' deaths.


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