Giant Mutant Widow Spider

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Giant Mutant Black Widow Spider and Hybrid Spider
Giant Mutant Black Widow Spider
Species                         Nicknames
Mutated Black Widow Spider Widow Spider
Height                           Length
Unknown Unknown
Weight                             Forms
Unknown Baby Spider
Controlled by                 Relationships
None Baby Spiders (children)
  Allies                             Enemies
None Zilla Junior
First Appearance
Web Site 
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The Giant Mutant Widow Spiders (ジャイアントウィドースパイダー,   Jaiantou Idōsupaidā?, lit. Giant Widow Spider) are giant mutated arachnid kaiju created by TriStar Pictures that first appeared in the Godzilla: The Series episode Web Site.


A monster black widow that lived in Palma, it laid millions of eggs, which threatened to overrun the country. H.E.A.T. was called in by the White House to investigate the exponential reproduction of the spiders, and discovered a giant black widow that was laying the eggs. Zilla Junior fought the creature, but was distracted by H.E.A.T.'s signals, allowing the spider to cover him in webbing and escape. Soon the team found a chemical which was toxic to the spiders, and paralyzed them with it.


  • The Giant Widow Spider is a tribute to Kumonga, along with monsters from other "giant spider" films such as The Giant Spider Invasion.

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