Geharha is a Kaiju from the none- profit 2009 tokusta, Geharha: The Long- Haired and Dark Monster.


Geharha has a bipedal stance, and is covered from head to toe in long, silky black hair. It’s large jaws contain menacing fangs and teeth. It has a long tail, and clawed hands and feet. It’ glowing green eyes have minute, black pupils.


According to official, Gehara's name was brought from hage, meaning "baldness" in Japanese.

This also corresponds with the fact that humans attacked by Gehara later lost their hairs for unknown causes.

Additionally, the name was possibily brought from Che Guevara as well. During filming, a staff purposely put Guevara's poster for both a joke and a superstition for a hit, claiming that both Guevara and Gehara "destroy".[1]


Geharha became active as a result of the disturbance of its shrine, Geharha became active. It had first been responsible for a strange attack on a fisherman boat.

The creature later emerged in Japan, and attacked the city. Military forces attempted to combat and kill the monster, but were unsuccessful. A giant fan weapon was exersised on Geharha, but they destroyed the city in the process. Eventually, after driving Geharha into the mountains, they brought down the beast through bomb strikes.

However, an alien ship captured the corpse of Geharha, resurrected it. Soon after, the aliens unleashed Geharha on Japan once more.


Tanks attempt to slay Geharha.


Gehara produced strong stench comparable to that of poisonous gas from wounds and fallen off parts.

Humans who were attacked by Gehara later lost their hairs due to unknown causes.

Acid fur

Geharha has acidic fur. This fur can be shed, and dissolve and corrode objects the hairs reside on, as shown in the picture below.



  • Geharha was made as a tribute to the Showa Era Kaiju, rather than being a profit making kaiju.



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