Gamera: Guardian of the Universe (Trendmasters Toy Line)

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Gamera: Guardian of the Universe was a short-lived Gamera toy line produced by Trendmasters in the late 1990's. The line included figures of several of Gamera's classic enemies.


  • Gamera with Fireball Missile Blast
  • Gyaos with Firing Sonic Beam
  • Guiron (Misspelled as "Guilon") with Firing Saber Fin
  • Jiger with Firing Terror Talon
  • Viras with Thrashing Tentacle Attack
  • Zigra with Firing Paralysis Beam



  • This toy line includes all of Gamera's enemies from the Showa era except for Barugon. - Dead Kamoebas DAI

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