Gamera: Guardian of the Universe (Gameboy)

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Kadokawa Games
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Gamera: Gaurdian of the Universe
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Gameboy Japanese
Action, Fighting

Gamera: Guardian of the Universe (Gamera: Daikaijuu Kutyu Kessen) is a Gamera game for the original Gameboy. It was released to coincide with the movie of the same title, in 1995.


The game is essentially a turn-based battler, in a similar vein to the Pokemon games for the same console. Its battle system is similar to that of an RPG game, but other than that, the similarities end there.

Most of the attacks rely on Button Combos, but the game provides a list of combos for the more inexperienced player.

Gamera's enemies are Gyaos, Guiron and Viras. Eventually, the game's final battle pits Gamera against a clone of himself.

The game's language is in Japanese, but an English fan translation does exist.


  • Gamera - The main character, and also the Final boss of the game. Based off the HeiseiGame design.
  • Gyaos - Gamera's arch nemesis, and the character fought first by Gamera, and is fought twice in the game. Based off the HeiseiGyao design.
  • Viras - Appears as the second enemy in the game in the second stage.
  • Guiron - Appears as the third enemy of the game in the third stage.

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