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Monster Icons - Gaira
Frankenstein SpawnWotG,
Giant OgreG!Go,
Mutated Minion of MaohG!Gr

Green Gargantua, Giant Ogre, Gailah

25 meters
?? meters (Human size) G!Gr
?? meters (Giant size) G!Gr


10,000 tons
?? kg (Human size) G!Gr
?? tons (Giant size) G!Gr

Human size G!Gr

Jilarji, Kappalge, Tsunojiras, Green Mask, SandaGRoE

Giant Octopus,
Sanda, Varan,
Godman, Greenman,
Sanda ('Brother')
Tonchiki (Creator) G!Gr
Controlled by
Tonchiki G!Gr

Created by
Ishiro Honda
Eiji Tsuburaya
Portrayed by
Haruo Nakajima WotG
Kenji Oka G!Go
First Appearance
War of the Gargantuas
Latest Appearance
Go! Godman
More Roars

Gaira (ガイラ,   Gaira?) is a Frankenstein-spawn kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in the 1966 Toho film, War of the Gargantuas.


Showa Series

War of the Gargantuas

Gaira War of the Gargantuas

Gaira in War of the Gargantuas

Gaira was created from the flesh of Frankenstein, along with Sanda. He was first seen at sea, attacking ships and eating humans. He attacked the shoreline at night, but he disliked the sun and he always returned to the ocean during the day. He was led into a trap, and he was nearly defeated by the J.S.D.F.. Sanda arrived to save him, and he took him to the mountains. Gaira started to eat humans, much to his brother's anger, and Sanda forced him to Tokyo. The two fought and were led out to sea. They were both engulfed in a volcano and died.

He of the Sun


Gaira in He of the Sun

Gaira made a guest appearance in Toho's first television series, He of the Sun. The same suit from his first appearance in War of the Gargantuas was used. In the episode he appears in, Gaira battles the alien insect Kiyla, from the Ultraman series.

Go! Godman

Gaira Godman

Gaira in Go! Godman

Gaira also appeared in the series Godman, but is called a giant ogre. He was the nineteenth monster to battle Godman.

Go! Greenman

Gaira 10

Gaira in Go! Greenman

Gaira also made an appearance in the television series Go! Greenman. He was the fourth monster to battle Greenman. The design is more dark colored and spiky than the original. The suit also appears to be heavily rotting, with a visible tear in the legs. In the show, Gaira has a modified Godzilla roar, with some of his original vocalizations mixed in.

Millennium Series

Go! Godman

Tumblr n0elpyZsaK1qzr8nao1 1280

Gaira in the Godman film

To celebrate the anniversary of both Go! Greenman and Go! Godman, Toho brought back Gaira in 2008 to fight Godman and Greenman in the crossover film. This time, he was spawned from the flesh of Tsunojiras. He was first seen attacking Mika Ayase and Koichi Matsushita and later battled Godman. Jilarji also later appeared and teamed up with Gaira in order to defeat Godman for good. The two managed to knock off one of Godman's bracelets and nearly strangled him to death, but Godman got the bracelet back and was joined by Greenman to defeat them. The suit looks exactly like the original, except slightly bulkier. Gaira's normal roars were also reused for the first time since his appearance in War of the Gargantuas.


  • Gaira has regenerative abilities.
  • Gaira's severed cell tissue can take on a life of its own.



Godzilla: Rulers of Earth

RULERS OF EARTH Issue 5 - 2 - Gaira

Gaira in Godzilla: Rulers of Earth

Gaira made his comic debut in Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #5. Gaira appeared for the first time and rampaged years ago, but he was captured. He later was freed by Lucy Casprell so that he could fight Varan. At first, Gaira overpowers Varan. However, when Varan retreats to the ocean, Gaira grabs his tail and does not let go until he disappears into the sea along with Varan. Before disappearing, he saw his 'brother', Sanda, reaching out to him. Sanda then follows his 'brothers' trail as he and Varan crashed into the ocean. The two interrupted Godzilla's search for Manda, Gezora and Titanosaurus as well as scared away Godzilla's meal. Godzilla chased the twins through the ocean. Gaira, in a surprising turn, protected his brother from Godzilla's nuclear breath, running into the city for cover. It wasn't until Gaira's attempt to save Sanda from tank fire did the two resumed their constant battle. The battle was interrupted when the King of Monsters blasted the ground between them, and forcing the two to work together again. Later the two are seen on the new Monster Islands. Gaira was later seen coming to the rescue of his brother when the Trilopods attacked the Monster Islands, but was later captured along with Sanda and taken to the Trilopod hive with the other Earth monsters. Gaira was freed by King Caesar and joined the other monsters to assist the severely outnumbered Godzilla. Gaira and Anguirus managed to kill the Gezora-Trilopod. He later attempted to attack the massive Magita but was tossed to the side easily. After Godzilla killed Magita, Gaira, his brother, and the other monsters followed Godzilla out to sea.


Main article: Gaira/Gallery.


  • In Go! Godman, Gaira reused roars from the ultra kaiju, Tyrant.



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