G-FAN is a quarterly fanzine dedicated to the Kaijū film genre. It was created by J.D. Lees who serves as the editor. G-FAN serves as the official magazine of the Godzilla Society of North America, but it also has subscribers and sellers in Europe and Asia.


G-FAN contains interviews with actors, producers, directors, special effects directors connected with the Japanese giant monster (daikaiju) genre. G-FAN also covers giant monster movies produced outside of Japan such as King Kong, Gorgo, Them!, and Cloverfield.Regular features include movie retrospectives, toy reviews, new products, DVD reviews, dealer spotlights, Japan locations, movie reviews, fan profiles and activities.


It also covers the annual Chicago G-Fest conventions, which the magazine sponsors. G-fest is an all ages oriented, fun aimed Godzilla fan gathering. It features video game and costume contests, amature fan videos, special guests, theatre screenings of kaiju movies, the mangled skyscraper award, plus much more (See Also G-Fest).


Regular writers include Armand Vaquer, Brett Homenick, Mike Bogue, Peter H. Brothers, Allen Debus, Daisuke Ishizuka and many others. Brett Homenick gives many insightful interviews. Mike Bogue contributes sometimes humorous but also interesting reviews of monster movies.

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