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Amateur Extension Theater 2000 is always eager to continue its ongoing quest to provide you with cool music in extended form! I'm your submarine fearing host, Alkahest.

Show of hands. (Or as the case may be, space-dragon wings.) Who here remembers the Turbo Duo CD system? ... I see. Well, for those of you who don't, it was an early attempt at a gaming console that relied on CD-ROMs. Like the Sega Dreamcast, it actually featured a pretty good (if small) collection of game titles during its short lifespan; Godzilla: Battle Legends is perhaps one of the finer titles ever produced for it.

Featuring a six stage single-player mode that pits you against some of his most famous Kaiju adversaries in a no-holds barred grudge match, and a two-player Versus mode where you can select all but two of them, this game was pretty awesome any way you chose to play it. A particularly cool feature was how in single-player mode, Godzilla's sprite model actually changed appearances to reflect the era of the movie he fought.

Ah, but we're here to discuss the music, aren't we? 'Continue?' is, unsurprisingly, the theme you hear when it's game over. And I don't care how good a gamer you are; EVERYBODY gets a game over on Battle Legends eventually. (*shakes fist* Battra larvaaaaaaa!) When that happens, you're treated to the sight of poor old Godzilla, KO'd on the ocean floor... which makes little to no sense if you were fighting on Planet X a second ago, I might add. Thus, the eternal question is posed: will you throw in the skyscraper sized towel so soon? Or will you fight on, to claim the coveted title of Primo Slasher!? ... King of the Monsters. King of the Monsters, dangit! I seriously do not know why I keep saying Primo Slasher, that title doesn't even make any sense. You'd better make up your mind soon, though... or a very persistant little squad of submarines will decide for you.

What's coming up next on AET2k? The answer, my friend, is blowing in the Winds of La Gias... which are coming straight out of SRW Alpha Gaiden and OGs! Handy. We'll then be ending our broadcast weekend on a nostalgic note with a familiar melody from Back to the Future: The Game. I hope you'll enjoy -- take care, and may God bless.

Disclaimer: This MP3 extension was uploaded purely for entertainment purposes, and in no way profits me. All rights are reserved to their respective creators, and videos are subject to removal per their request.

Video clips by: Me. Yaaaay for PCEjin's built-in recorder! Except when it glitches and makes beam/projectile moves invisible! Booooo. Not that it happened this time, but... still.

One sub, two sub. Yellow sub, DOOM sub.

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