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Both the manga and the anime versions of Dragon Ball have few references to the Godzilla series. The creator of Dragon Ball, Akira Tomiyama, has also referenced Godzilla in other works of his.

Monster Cameos

  • Baragon - He makes an cameo in the episode "Master Thief".
  • King Ghidorah - He makes an cameo in the crowd at the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament in the episode "Tail's tale". He also appears in Wonder Island.
  • Rodan - He makes a short appearance in one of the episodes.
  • Godzilla - He makes a cameo as a suit in Wonder Island.
  • Gamera - Makes an appearance as a juvenile, who transports Master Roshi around by flight.

Similar Characters

  • Great Apes - These are similar to King Kong.
  • Hirudegarn - Some of his abilities could be seen as a parody on Mothra. He cocoons himself after being attacked by Gotenks at a tower.
  • Shenron - He resembles Manda from the Showa Series, although given that both characters are directly based on eastern dragons, this is almost certainly a coincidence.

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