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Toho Kaiju Film
Dogora 1964
Directed by
Ishiro Honda

Produced by
Tomoyuki Tanaka
Yasuyoshi Tajitsu
Written by
Shinichi Sekizawa
Jojiro Okami
Music by
Akira Ifukube

Distributed by
Toho Company Ltd.
Running Time
81 minutesJP
(1 hour, 21 minutes)
79 minutesUS
(1 hour, 19 minutes)
Designs Used

Dogora (宇宙大怪獣ドゴラ,   Uchū Daikaijū Dogora?, Giant Space Monster Dogora) was a 1964 film by Toho Studios. It was the third film to feature Robert Dunham (Dan Yuma at the time) and featured Dogora, a strange, jellyfish-like alien, that came to earth, sucking up coal and other carbon based materials.


After a giant jellyfish-like alien comes to earth and sucks up all the coal in the Tokyo area, a band of citizens, including a Scientist, a Diamond Broker and a Police Inspector, band together to try and find a way to kill it, after missiles and shells prove ineffective. After several attacks, the main characters find that wasp venom can be used to kill the beast. An artificial substance of equal power is hastily manufactured and after a long while, the mammoth Dogora is finally defeated.


Actor's name on the left, characters played on the right.

  • Robert Dunham - Mark Jackson
  • Yosuke Natsuki - Komai
  • Nobuo Nakamura - Dr. Munakata
  • Hisoshi Koizumi - Kirino
  • Yoko Fujiyama - Munakata's Assistant
  • Akiki Wakabayashi - Hamako, Diamond Thief
  • Susumu Fujita - Defense Force Executive Officer
  • Seizaburo Kawazu - Chief Diamond Thief
  • Yoshifumi Tajima - Tada, Thief
  • Eisei Amamoto - Maki, Thief
  • Haruya Katou - Sabu, Thief
  • Jun Takazi - Police Chief
  • Jun Funado - Detective Nitta
  • Hideo Shibuya - Journalist


  • Originally, Dogora was titled "Space Monsters" (スペース・モンス,   Supēsu Mons?, lit. Space Mons) and was meant to be released in 1962.[1]
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