FANDOM is a promotional website for Legendary Pictures' 2017 film Kong: Skull Island.


The site would open up with a zoom in scan of the island through its perpetual storm system.

Once this animation completes the viewer's sent to the main hub of the site, and from there they can toggle a thermal map of the island.


Opening up this tab would present the viewer with a bunch of dossiers on the island's native inhabitants. The dossiers include scientific nomenclature, multiple images, and a description, alongside a threat analysis.

Monarch Field Recordings

This tab would provide the viewer with numerous audio logs presented by Houston Brooks.

Monarch Field Recordings

Monarch Field Recordings

Weaver Photo Journal

The tab present here would open a gallery showing a bunch of images taken by the film's female lead Mason Weaver.


The locations tab would provide viewers with a .gif file from the film, showcasing the location selected briefly.

Skull Peak River

Bamboo Forest [Nest of the Walkers]

Skull Peak [Mountain of the Far Heavens]

Iwi Encampment [The Temple of Kong]

River Mouth [Lake of Mirrors]

Hand of Kong

Paper Forest [The Restless Trees]

Northern Lights

Boneyard [Valley of the Fallen Gods]


Clicking this tab results in a pop-up for the viewer for the film's second trailer.

BRAND NEW EXCLUSIVE - Kong Skull Island Trailer

BRAND NEW EXCLUSIVE - Kong Skull Island Trailer

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