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Desghidorah (Flying)
Species Three-Headed Space Demon Dragon

Death Ghidorah

Height 50 meters
Weight 75,000 tons

Mothra Leo

First appearance

Rebirth of Mothra

Desghidorah, (デスギドラ, 'DesuGidora') is the first antagonist monster of the Rebirth of Mothra series.

This Ghidorah was a return to it's roots as a malevolent world destroying demon, and wasn't controlled by anything. It attacked out on it's own free, evil, will. Also, it has four legs instead of just the usual two.


Desghidorah (Land)

Desghidorah before reciving his wings

Sixty-seven million years ago, an unspeakable horror arrived in the galaxy. A relative of the King of Terror himself, Desghidorah attacked Mars and turned it into a barren wasteland, literally sucking the life out of the planet. This creature, not content to allow just one planet in this solar system to suffer its wrath, advanced to the nearby planet of Earth. Desghidorah began its assault on the planet, but one thing it didn't expect was retaliation! A race of intelligent beings called the Elias populated the planet, and they fought against the three-headed demon. The guardians of the Elias, a race of giant moths named Mothra, engaged Desghidorah. The war between the giant insects and the space monster was long and brutal. Finally, the despised dragon was defeated, buried, and sealed in a secret location. Earth, however, was nearly ruined by the great war. The dinosaurs and many other species of animals went extinct, and the civilization of the Elias was almost obliterated. In the end, only three beings of this ancient species survived; their names were Moll, Lora, and Belvera. Moll and Lora became the avatars of Mothra, but Belvera, corrupted by the loss of her species, became evil. She sought to one day release Desghidorah upon this world once more...

By the year 1997, deforestation and pollution were at a fever pitch. A logging company was clearing out the lush and beautiful Hokkaido forests, when the workers stumbled upon a strange buried structure with ancient writing. One of the workers discovered a small pendant at the center of the object and removed it, which caused the earth to suddenly quake. He gave the pendant to his daughter as a present, but Belvera quickly located the little girl and stole the pendant, the "Seal of Elias," from her. Seeking out their sinister sister, Moll and Lora arrived to recover the seal. Belvera fought against her siblings for control of the seal, but Belvera and her reptilian steed, Garu-Garu, prevailed and escaped. Moll and Lora's transport, Fairy, was unable to fly, and the twin fairies were grounded. They explained to the humans that the seal had been holding Desghidorah captive for many years, and with it, Belvera would attempt to control the terrible monster.

At the site where the ancient artifact was uncovered, the ground shook violently, and Desghidorah's tomb began to rise into the sky. The man who discovered the seal was placed under the control of Belvera, who used him to demolish the tomb by driving a bulldozer carrying a load of dynamite directly into the jagged structure. Her plan was a success, and after it absorbed a massive amount of energy from the surrounding forests, Desghidorah announced its triumphant return to a terrified world. The violent beast continued to draw the life out of the forest, for it was planning to soon gain enough energy to take to the skies on crimson wings.

The Elias watched in horror; they knew what they must do! Mothra was the only being that could stand a chance against this soaring savage, so they called upon their guardian to come forth and do battle with the wicked creature once more. Mothra was protecting her newly laid egg, but when she was summoned, she flew to Japan to fight the three-headed demon. Mothra attacked Desghidorah, and the two engaged in mortal combat! Mothra, however, was old and weak after giving birth, and Desghidorah was far too vicious for her to handle. Desghidorah relentlessly attacked Mothra, causing great harm to the benign protector. Sensing his mother's dismay, the egg that Mothra left behind began to hatch, even though it hadn't grown thoroughly enough. The baby began his journey to assist his mother, and when the larva arrived on the scene of the battle, it attacked Desghidorah using its energized silk. This new rival momentarily confused the grotesque gargantuan, but it swiftly located the young creature and bit into his soft flesh. It sadistically lifted the now defenseless young creature in its horrible mouths, and beat the tiny monster against the ground as blood spewed from its wounds. The infant was thrown aside as his mother came to his defense. Desghidorah and Mothra battled fiercely, but she was again repelled. The larval Mothra camouflaged himself and continued his attack. When Desghidorah discovered his location, Mothra entered the fray once again. She lured Desghidorah into a waterway, and caused him to destroy a dam. Mothra grabbed her infant and fled the scene as Desghidorah was washed away by the fury of the surging water.

Mothra flew out to the sea to safety, but she was far too weak to go any further. She dropped her child into the water and crashed into the surf, not far ahead of him. The baby attempted with futility to keep her afloat, but she sank below the surface to a watery grave. Her Elias companions wept for her, but her infant was ready to incite swift and brutal revenge on his mother's murderer. He swam away and formed a chrysalis and began to metamorphosize.

Desghidorah, now unopposed, continued to absorb the life out of Hokkaido, creating a massive cloud that covered the island. Eventually, it gained enough energy, and, from its stone-like back, it sprouted two mighty wings. Desghidorah was finally ready to take on the world in full force.



The Mothra larva sought out an ancient, powerful tree and by using its energy, transformed into an even more powerful adult Mothra. The new Mothra once again engaged Desghidorah in battle, this time defeating him and once again imprisoning him within his ancient mountain prison, never to be seen again.

History of the Suit

The suit is crimson red and black colored. It looked demonic and more dragon like than King Ghidorah, and the necks of the suit appear to be shorter and wider. When Desghidorah changes into its Flying Form, wings are put on into the suit.

Powers and abilities

Land Form

  • Desghidorah can emit Hell's Flame from the mouth of his middle head.
  • Desghidorah spits fireballs from the mouths of all three of his heads.
  • Desghidorah is able to perform a Shock Pulse.
  • Desghidorah can unleash a powerful shockwave released from all over his body.
  • Desghidorah can send a red electric surge through his bites.
  • Desghidorah is able to do a Firey Prye Road by causing the ground to split open & release flames from within the earth.

Flying Form

  • Desghidorah flies at the speed of Mach 23.
  • Desghidorah can release hurricane winds from his wings.
  • Desghidorah can emit Hell's Flame from the mouth of his middle head.
  • Desghidorah spits fireballs from the mouths of all three of his heads.
  • Desghidorah is able to perform a Shock Pulse.
  • Desghidorah can unleash a powerful shockwave released from all over his body.
  • Desghidorah can send a red electric surge through his bites.
  • Desghidorah is able to do a Firey Prye Road by causing the ground to split open & release flames from within the earth.


  • Desghidorah's wings bare a striking resemblense to Destoroyah's.
  • Desghidorah has many resemblances to Keizer Ghidorah - four-legged, and (in its first form) apparently flightless.
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