Dakosaurus Andiniensis

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Dakosaurus Andiniensis
Dakosaurus Andiniensis
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Sauropsida
Order Mesoeucrocodylia
Suborder Thalattosuchia
Family Metriorhynchidae
Genus Dakosaurus
Species D. andiniensis
Length 4 meters (13 ft)
Origins Ocean (Patagonia, Argentina)
Relationships Nicknamed Godzilla
Planet Earth
Diet Carnivore
Period Late Jurassic/Early Creataceous

Dakosaurus Andiniensis was a prehistoric relative of marine crocodiles found in Patagonian, Argentina. It would have been 4 meters (13 feet) long from nose to tail and was characterized by it's carnivorous-dinosaur-like head and a distinctive rudder-like tail. Prompted by the creature's large jaws and sharp, conical teeth, the beast was nicknamed Godzilla by it's discoverer Zulma Gasparini and her team.

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