Toho Character
Daiba Datta
Species Nationality
Human Indian
Occupation Relationships
Yogi Sage Takeshi Yamato (Student)
First appearance Last appearance
Warrior of Love Rainbowman Episode 1: The Miraculous Holy Man {{{latestappearance}}}
Portrayed by
Akifumi Inoue

Daiba Datta/Devadatta (ダイバ・ダッタ,   Daiba Datta?) (提婆達多) is a yogi sage created by Toho that first appeared in episode 1 of the 1972 tokusatsu kaiju series, Warrior of Love Rainbowman titled The Miraculous Holy Man. Alongside Rainbowman himself, Daiba Datta is able to utilise the Dashes through transformation.


Warrior of Love Rainbowman

After venturing to India in order to learn discipline, Takeshi Yamato meets up with yogi sage Daiba Datta. Daiba Datta takes the man in as his student and eventually grants Takeshi with the ability to transform into Rainbowman. Daiba Datta teaches him how to properly use every aspect of Rainbowman's powers and sends him back to Japan one his training is complete.



Warrior of Love Rainbowman

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