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TohoSlashTriStar Kaiju
Cybernetic Mutated
Marine Iguana
First Godzilla,
60 meters
100 meters
20,000 tons
Zilla (Biological form)
Zilla Junior
Zilla Junior, Giant Bat
Zilla Junior (Son), Tachyons (Creators)
Controlled by

First Appearance
Monster Wars: Part 2
To be added.

Cyber-Zilla (サイバージラ,   Saibājira?) is the original Zilla that nested in New York in 1998. The aliens from the Leviathan spaceship resurrected it using both alien and human technology. It is completely under the alien's control, although it does recognize Zilla Junior as its son.


Godzilla: The Series

Monster Wars: Part 2

After Zilla's death, his body was taken to a military base where it was studied. The base was eventually overtaken by Tachyons, who used their technology to resurrect him. He was then sent to eliminate H.E.A.T., who had sneaked in to the facility, and when Zilla Junior arrived to save them, he refused to fight his father and was taken under control of the Tachyons. The father and son team gave chase, but were distracted by N.I.G.E.L., which allowed H.E.A.T. to escape. Cyber-Zilla and the other Mutations under Tachyon control were then sent out to various cities in order to destroy them. Cyber-Zilla was chosen for Tokyo.

Monster Wars: Part 3

The other Mutations were saved from the control of the Tachyons, but Cyber-Zilla remained loyal. He soon confronted his son, who decided to fight for H.E.A.T. rather that Zilla. The two began to fight, and Cyber-Zilla lost his robotic arm before Zilla Junior drove him into the water and ripped his inner mechanisms apart, killing him again.


Cyber-Zilla's roar was changed to a more metallic sound and its skin color was changed to a light brown, showing decay. Its Atomic breath is blue, like the real Godzilla, and it has a disk in its chest which can reflect weaponry and can fire missiles from its dorsal plates.


  • Cyber-Zilla is armed with an Atomic Heat Ray which is blue in color (an obvious reference to the Japanese Godzilla) as opposed to his son, whose atomic fire is green.
  • Fires devastating energy missiles from dorsal fins (can fire a total of eight at once).
  • Reflects back sound-based waves and weapons to their sources using the disk on its chest; a very effective tool against the sonic scream of the Giant Bat.
  • Several previous abilities, including a good jumping ability, can run at 200 mph and is an amphibian.
  • A lot tougher than previous, been able to withstand several blasts of atomic fire from his son.

Video Game Appearances



  • Cyber-Zilla is a clear reference to MechaGodzilla and Mecha-King Ghidorah, being a cyborg.
  • Cyber-Zilla may have partially inspired the Millennium MechaGodzilla, Kiryu, as both are previously dead kaiju that are resurrected using robotic technology and made to fight another kaiju of the same species as them. The largest difference between the two is that Kiryu is a biomecha with its skeleton, DNA, and nervous tissue as his only organic components, while Cyber-Zilla is a cyborg with much of its organic body intact.

In Other Languages

  • Russian: КиберЗилла - Dead Kamoebas TRI

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