Toho Character
Clark Nelson
Species Nationality
Human Rolisican
Occupation Relationships
Businessman None
First appearance Last appearance
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Portrayed by
Jerry Ito

Clark Nelson is a Rolisican businessman and the main antagonist of the 1961 Toho film, Mothra.


Showa Series


Clark Nelson was part of a joint Japanese-Rolisican expedition to Infant Island, to examine the presence of life on the island following a Rolisican nuclear bomb test. After discovering two tiny girls known as Shobijin, Nelson planned to capture them and bring them to Japan for display. The rest of the group told Nelson to let the women go. Nelson was forced to agree to release them and the expedition left, agreeing that the secret of the island should remain hidden. However, Nelson and his henchmen returned to the island and captured the girls and murdered most of the natives that got in their way. The surviving natives approached the egg of Mothra and prayed for her intervention. The egg hatched and Mothra swam to Japan to rescue the Shobijin. In Japan, Nelson had been touring with the Shobijin, profiting immensely from them. Unbeknownst to Nelson, the songs the Shobijin were singing were attracting Mothra to Japan. When Mothra arrived in Tokyo, the public demanded that Nelson hand over the Shobijin. Nelson and his henchmen retreated to Rolisica in secret with the Shobijin, but were pursued by Mothra in her imago form. As Nelson ran through the streets of New Kirk City, he was killed in a shootout with police. The Shobijin were then recovered by Shinichi Chujo and returned to Mothra.