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James Rolfe, a.k.a, the Angry Video Game Nerd , is creator of James is one of the most creative and comical movie creators/reviewers on the Internet today.

His most notable videos are his video game reviews of terrible vintage games. In October of 2008, Cinemassacre followed their tradition of "Monster Madness" where James reviews monster movies for 31 days for the 31 days of October, except James, instead of reviewing other monster films, reviewed a major part of his childhood; Godzilla! Making a review of the 28 Godzilla films, Zilla's film, and a majority of the American released Godzilla video games. In his 2010 Monster Madness he, somewhat, extended Godzillathon by reviewing War of the Gargantuas. In "The Dragon in my Dreams", he stated that Godzilla was one of his childhood icons and is kinda like a dragon, which James has always had a fascination with due to a childhood dream. In the same year as Godzillathon he made a list of his top 10 favorite Giant Monsters, these include:

  1. La Carcagne (The Giant Claw)
  2. King Kong (Universal)
  3. Godzilla
  4. Gamera
  5. Rhedosaurus (The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms)
  6. The Stay Puft Marshmellow Man (Ghostbusters)
  7. Reptilicus
  8. Brontosaurus (The Lost World)
  9. The Kracken (Original Clash of the Titans)
  10. The Host - Dead Kamoebas FAN

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