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Kaiju Films (tokusatsu kaiju film) are movies in which kaiju have appeared in.

What Is A Kaiju Film?

Grossly oversimplifying it, a kaiju movie is a giant monster movie whose producers/creators say is a kaiju film. The longer answer? Well, Gorizard does his take on it on the video to the right. A quick note, kaiju are monsters.

A film that is made in the East (Japan and other Asian countries) that is about (a) kaiju(s). Not all kaiju films are made in the east, for example, Gorgo, and Pacific Rim, are kaiju films, but they were not made in Asia.

However, not all giant monster movies are kaiju films, at least to die-hard kaiju fans. Films like Cloverfield, the 1998 American Godzilla film, and Tarantula are not true kaiju films to die-hard fans, but are instead just normal giant monster movies. This is because their titular creatures are not called kaiju within the film or any spin-offs, because they are not made in the west, and they do not use the same style. However, to the Japanese, any film with any type of monster in it is a Kaiju Movie, so in a technical standpoint, any movie with a monster is a kaiju film.

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