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Carson Bolde
Carson Bolde
Sam Brody
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Mansfield Path Godzilla

Carson Bolde (カーソン・ボルド?, Kāson Borudo) is an American child actor. He portrays Sam Brody in Legendary Pictures' Godzilla.


Carson Bolde is an American child actor and model. He began acting and modeling as a baby and quickly landed his first film, Mansfield Path. Carson displays a uniquely outgoing personality, paired with an impressive vocabulary and ability to communicate with children and adults alike. These characteristics helped him book many national print campaigns, including "Converse," "Land's End," "Kohl's," and "Target," as well as commercials for "Disney," "Safeway," and "Toyota." His biggest project to date is his role in Legendary Pictures' Godzilla. - Dead Kamoebas REL

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