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  • Kaijumorti
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  • Lamango

    I've been cruising the Youtubes, and found this series. It's from the same era as Ultraman. 

    Oh man, the person who uploaded the Space Giants series also uploaded Spectreman! I'm in heaven!

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  • MechaKingGhidorah789

    I've heard a little while back that a new Gamera movie was supposed to be released this year, apparently last may. Is this a mistake I made while reading, or will it come out next year, which is a more probabable date. I'm sorry if this sounds like me being impatient, but I'm just overall curious. Tell me what you think in the comments. Thanks for reading!

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  • KoopaGalaxain


    Quite the unexpected owner of this title, eh?

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  • Lamango

    This is a video from a VHS Tsuburaya put out showcasing all the monsters from Ultra Q. You'll see Gomess, Litra, Goro, Namegon, Garamon, Peguila, and all the other Ultra Q kaiju in their prime and some great miniature works from Old Man Tsuburaya. 

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  • Lamango



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  • Johnosfirewalker

    I've noticed a rapid revival of the Kaiju genre over the past few years. Starting in 2008 with Cloverfield, the genre has seen a massive amount of new films from both America and Japan, such as Pacific Rim and Godzilla 2014. Now there are two more American Godzillas coming in the next few years, as well as a Japanese reboot. But Godzilla isn't the only famous Kaiju getting a reboot, both Gamera and King Kong  are getting new movies soon. Even Attack on Titan is getting a new movie. I don't know about everyone else, but I think the genre is really going to claw it's way back into relevance within the next decade. That is a fact that everyone here at Wikizilla can be happy about.

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  • Aggression25

    What did you think of the scene where Godzilla was pinned by the building and injured when he and Ford saw each other before the dust cloud enveloped the King of the Monsters like it was a sign that he would never be seen again?

    For me, it was like there was a minor connection between Godzilla and a select member of mankind. Although Godzilla in this incarnation doesn't demonstrate any semblance of a relationship with human beings, it did seem like he was connecting with Ford, even if it was only briefly.

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  • Travzilla22

    1. Ford needs to change.  I.E. he blames himself for what happened to his father.  He believes that he could have saved him. 

    2.  Elle Brody catches Godzilla's attention.

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  • Johnosfirewalker

    Hi there! I'm Johnos. if you look through the comments of some items of the films category, I have posted a short review of the film and given it an out-of-ten score. I plan on taking that idea to the next level by writing full reviews of films and posting them on my blog. I will accept suggestions via comment or direct message. the films I will review will be limited to those I OWN as I will have to re-watch the films to get more in-depth and accurate details. I will mostly judge them based on the people story(also called human plot, for you smart ones out there) and monster action, with a few mentions of other aspects of the film including a total count of visible strings on monsters and amount and quality of stock footage. please also k…

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  • Lamango

    Jason DNA splice

    June 15, 2015 by Lamango

    So here's all the things Jason from the Kong Animated Series has shared his DNA with.

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  • Lamango


    June 15, 2015 by Lamango


    This guy has most of the KONG animated series uploaded. You remember this, right? Lol. Think this wiki is the right place for the KONG TAS? 

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    June 13, 2015 by GOJI-ATOMICO

    This a tournament of Godzilla- 32 monsters clasificated! These are the monsters:
    King Ghidorah
    Monster X/Keiser Ghidorah



    Godzilla Junior


    MechaGodzilla 2





    Mothra Larva 1

    Mothra Larva 2

    Hyper Mecha King Ghidorah

    Jet Jaguar

    Manda (wins elimination vs kumonga)

    King Caesar (wins elimination vs baragon)




    Krystalak (wins elimination vs gorosaurus)


    Obisidium (wins elimination vs Battra

    Zone Fighter 

    M.U.T.O male (wins elimination vs megalon)

    M.U.T.O female (wins elimination vs hedorah)


    Varan (Wins elimination vs megaguirus)

    Mothra vs Obisidium

    Titanosaurus vs Zone Fighter

    Godzilla vs Gigan

    Rodan vs Hyper Mecha King Ghidorah

    Mothra Larva 1…

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  • Kaijumorti
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  • GDF private Peucoman

    well hi there, I am using the MUGEN engine to make my own fighting game, you can pick all of your favorite (and unfavorite) kaiju!, and if you're gonna say "but GDF, what kaiju can I play as?" well, the roster is:

    godzilla +








    +hedorah +

    kingg +
















    alien mefilas


    alien metron

    alien borg

    alien guts






























    gypsy danger

    I know there's like a huge ton …

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  • Cloverfield monster

    As most of you may or may not know, the upcoming Godzilla: The Game not only allows you to play as any number of monsters from the Godzilla series (though for some no MUTO), wreck cities and generally cause a ruckus. It also allows you to use custom songs to make your own soundtrack. So, what songs will you be using if you are going to utilize this feature. Here's some of mine:

    This is for when there are no other monsters around besides you. You know, the parts where you are just rampaging through the city:

    And that's it for me. What songs will you use if you are going to utilize this feature?

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  • Kaijugame333

    tell me that I'm not alone.

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  • Titanollante

    1,954 pages

    May 31, 2015 by Titanollante

    Wikizilla now has 1954 pages!
    Conglaturation everyone!

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  • Nuffs

    VS Battles

    May 31, 2015 by Nuffs

    Hello, everyone.
    Can you join it? If you're interested in them, then here you go.

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  • Thegoldnguy

    A Suggestion

    May 28, 2015 by Thegoldnguy

    For each film image gallery, should we make two separate screenshot galleries if the film in question has an alternate version?  For example, there's the Varan (1958 film) movie which has a (butchered) American cut that excludes some scenes involving Varan, completely retools the plot to revolve around a (boring) American guy, and adds one extra shot of Varan reaching into a cave with his claw.  

    Tl;DR edition: Should we make two screenshot galleries for films that have extremely different versions (aka: they add/delete scenes and such)?

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  • Lamango


    May 25, 2015 by Lamango

    Well, found this. In the top video, if you go to Youtube to watch it, there's more in the related videos. 

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  • GodzillaZero-One

    Your Favorite... Godzilla design, Rodan design, Ghidorah design, Gamera design, Gigan design, Anguirus design?

    Out of all favorite

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  • Lamango

    So the maker of the flash game is doing a little video series, showing concept art and behind the scenes things. Is pretty cool.  ENJOY!

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  • GodzillaZero-One

    I want to know your favorite giant Godzilla monsters.

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  • Lamango

    And found this.

    Now... WTF is this? From another game? Early concept for a monster in the game? It's way more detailed then the others. Also found this.

    Now, it's a Beta godzilla called Godzilla_64. THE MYSTERIES KEEP PILING UP. 

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  • GodzillaZero-One

    Describe the height, weight, year, and looks of your design. If possible, you can put in an ORIGINAL picture of your design. Also make up a fancy name for it like BatoGoji (example).

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  • Lamango


    May 24, 2015 by Lamango


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  • GodzillaZero-One

    Create a Kaiju!

    In your message please include the following:

    • The name of your kaiju.
    • The height and length of your kaiju. (In meters and feet)
    • The appearance of your kaiju.*
    • The abilities of your kaiju.
    • The history of your kaiju. (Such as enemies and allies and how your kaiju was created)

    Be creative and have fun making your kaiju!

    *if possible insert a picture of your kaiju.

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  • Cronus 300


    May 21, 2015 by Cronus 300

    The year is 2009, and our heroes (the Lyoko Warriors) are finally graduating but strange events start to unfold around Kadic after a certain pink haired girl wakes up from a mysterious dream that would lead her to discover a strange secret behind her parents past. Meanwhile several new students enroll in Kadic who befriend our heroes who they find very interesting although some of them strange but will our heroes, along with the help of their new allies be able to face the ultimate danger or perish as they together face the new dawn?

    Special guest appearance by: Godzilla!

    note: This is my first fanfic so if anyone has any suggestions please just let me know.

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  • Vertigoconquers

    So today I made my first edits here. The things I fixed were... silly. The article for The Godzilla Comic was written as if a 15-story anthology with even more artists was just one small lark of a story written in jest by Hurricane Ryu. The Godzilla Comic Raids Again's article had both the wrong title and the wrong release date. I can not, for the life of me, figure out how either of these things is possible.

    So I want to give folks a little tip for editing articles: check what Wikipedia says first. Yes, I know this wiki is it's own thing, but there are a number of places where Wikipedia has beaten this place to the punch and done its own research. Oftentimes the English Wikipedia makes a lots of mistakes too since it uses extremely unrelia…

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  • Lamango

    Bull Demon

    May 17, 2015 by Lamango

    So I came across this monster in an old Daiei toy thing. Same sets included Whale God, Garasharp, Nezura and MahnaMahnakorappa or what ever. Turns out it's from a 1960 film, Demon of Mount Oe. It's 7 feet tall, can fly, and was sent back to hell by a bunch of samurai. It's a cool lil rare monster from Daiei. 

    Also from the same film, the Tsuchigumo.

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    comment what monsters can appear in Godzilla 3 

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  • Thegoldnguy

    Matt Frank of Godzilla: Rulers of Earth fame discovered this. Has a LOT of Godzilla 1994 images.

    Edit:  Wait, hold on.  I think I might be late to the party on this one.  Sorry if I sounded dumb.

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  • Lamango


    May 12, 2015 by Lamango

    Woah nelly, it's been a while since I posted here. Some major stuff went down in my life, mom's boyfriend passed away, had a major fit of depression, mom going in for cancer surgury. Life gets hectic, and I needed to choose between UltraWiki, GodzillaWiki and all the rest or my life, and I chose my life. Hope you don't mind. I still check in from time to time, add a comment to a page, make a slight edit, correcting some spelling.

    There was also the whole drama between Ultraman Series wiki and UltraWiki, and I didn't really want to get involved in that. Internet drama is such a dumb thing to stress out over, and at 25, I'm already getting premature gray hairs and stress pains in my body from all the other crap that piled up. I don't mean any…

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  • Ghidorahnumber1

    My pic is two pictures behind, and it stays no matter what I do. Titan's pic has reverted to the strait default grey man for me. Anyone else experiencing problems?

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    ShodaiRado                                    Vote and comment what resembles Rodan 2018





    note:is no confirmed what is the design of Rodan for Godzilla 2 but use what think you of the rodan of 2018 and compare the suits of puppets of Rodan or maybe you think about Rodan 2018 maybe ressembles one of the suits

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  • LesStudios


    May 2, 2015 by LesStudios

    So, recently I purchased two DVDs from a guy online who recorded the entire series of Greenman from cable tv! Finally, they've come in the mail and they are glorious! I am now the proud owner of half of the entire series of Go! Greenman. Woohoo!

    I've already learned so much from the first DVD and this will definitely help us in terms of information. Here's a couple of things I've picked up on so far:

    1. All kaiju are created from Phantoms and Maoh only has 51 capable of transforming (including Alter Ego Maoh)
    2. The entrance to the
    3. Antogiras is actually an ant
    4. Antogiras's roar(s) is/are reused Bemular roars
    5. Bullpull was planted inside a toy car
    6. Bullpull reuses Showa Baragon/Varan roars
    7. In Greenman vs. Megahertz Maoh and Cretin both have different (less-an…
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  • Titanollante

    Which Wikira?

    April 28, 2015 by Titanollante

    Which color do you think suits Wikira the best? I drew Wikira here and swapped his palette a dozen times, so choose which color scheme you think makes Wikira look coolest and fit the site the most. PICK::::

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  • Titanollante

    The winner of the, uh, mascot contest thing has been decided. This monster received a whopping 50% of all votes, and so, without further ado, here he is...


    Congratulations... now... what do we do? I didn't think this through! D:

    The only thing I'm thinking about right now is doing a little something for Wikizilla's 10th anniversary...

    So, what should we do with Wikira?

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  • Gigan389

    Want to Hear My Music?

    April 24, 2015 by Gigan389

    I make music, SURPRISE!!! Well here's all three of my albums, enjoy.

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  • Meeston Falcon

    -I cannot do this on Meeston Wiki, because it's plagiarism.

    There are 4 Bureaucrat positions open, 10 Administrator positions open, 20 Moderator positions open, 10 Patroller positions open, 5 Chat Moderator positions open.

    This is the area to request for a promotion of being a Staff on Meeston Wiki.

    There are 5 levels of Staff on Meeston Wiki: (top to bottom)

    • Bureaucrats
    • Administrators
    • Moderators
    • Patrollers
    • Chat Moderators

    In order to vote, you will need a account in Meeston Wiki and Wikizilla.

    You will just post about yourself and the position you want to be in the comments section below.

    -This thread was made with a permission from a Wikizilla Staff.

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  • Titanollante


    April 20, 2015 by Titanollante

    Here's how to vote for the fanmade Wikizilla mascot!

    1. Go to your e-mail thing and compose a new message.
    2. Send a message to "" with your username on Wikizilla and the monster you're voting for.
    3. If you submitted a monster, you cannot vote for your own monster--you have to vote for someone else's.

    DEADLINE: Saturday April 25, 2015, 11:59 PM CST - We'll count the votes here and the winner will be declared.

    This is being done this way because a poll is unreliable (ANYONE can vote and ANYONE can vote multiple times) and so people don't just vote for what everyone else is voting.

    Here are your choices:

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  • KoopaGalaxain

    Quite possibly yes. We know for sure that Godzilla '16 is going to be a combination of Suitmation and modern CGI. However, the world of Tokusatsu in general seems to be looking up. Tsuburaya announce not one, but two new series within quick succession, Ultra Victory Fight and Ultraman X.

    Although the 2014 Godzilla film had its flaws, it left people buzzing about the return of Kaiju to the big screen.

    Legendary's bright future of Kaiju films, featuring a return of both Pacific Rim and King Kong amongst the two other Godzilla Sequels is also very promising.

    What are your thoughts?

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  • Meeston Falcon

    Meeston Wiki

    April 16, 2015 by Meeston Falcon

    -I cannot delete this blog post by my own, so please ask a Admin to delete this.

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  • Meeston Falcon

    Retiring (CLOSED)

    April 11, 2015 by Meeston Falcon

    As what the title says, I am retiring.

    I didn't really want to make this decision, but I am forced to due to real life and internet problems.

    I am gonna miss you guys.

    This blog post is closed by Meeston Falcon.

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  • GodzillaZero-One


    April 10, 2015 by GodzillaZero-One

    |copyrighticon =Heti.png |image =Heti.jpg |caption =Hetiusaurus in Skyward Beast |name =Hetiusaurus |species =Ancient Deity

    |nicknames =Skyward One, Monster of the Air |height =126 meters |length =158 meters |weight =10,000 tons |forms =Human Form |allies =None |enemies =Teterokin |relationships =None |controlled =None |created =Aaron Ehlert |portrayed =CGI |firstappearance =Skyward Beast |latestappearance =Skyward Beast |suits =SkyHeti |roar =To be added. }}

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  • KoopaGalaxain

    Now that we have reasonable evidence to prove that the incarnation of Godzilla who shall appear next year will be realised through a suit, I think it's time we begin speculating on his design! I think that it might draw on some design cues from the Heisei Era suits, as the foot design that was released is very similar. However, I believe that they may try and make Godzilla more wild as well, perhaps drawing inspiration from the early Showa and Millennium suits.

    What are your thoughts?

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  • Kaijumorti

    Watch this video :3:

    Oh and here's another version:

    If cannot view, send video link here:

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  • Meeston Falcon

    Here's a list of the milestones I reached:

    • 50 Edits
    • 100 Edits
    • 150 Edits
    • 200 Edits
    • 250 Edits
    • 300 Edits
    • 350 Edits
    • 400 Edits
    • 450 Edits
    • 500 Edits
    • 550 Edits
    • 600 Edits
    • 650 Edits
    • 700 Edits
    • 750 Edits
    • 800 Edits
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  • Titanollante

    SUBMISSIONS ARE OVER -- VOTE HERE: User blog:Titanollante/VOTE!!!

    Submit your own monsters for the possibility of it getting becoming Wikizilla's mascot in the comments section below!

    Here are some rules to keep in mind:

    • This monster has to be exclusively for Wikizilla. This means that you can't use a character you already created, like for example, me using Servopent, who is already in CKC.
    • Original monsters only. This means they cannot be directly based on an existing character. For example, you "creating" a, say, "Godzilla 3054," or a character who evolved from the Godzillasaurus or something. You can also not have something like King Godzilla. So no trying to submit a sort of "Titanollante..." You CAN have design elements from other monster…
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