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  • Gojiratheking

    Well, as the title says. What introduced you to the godzilla series?

    Type a comment down below.

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  • ShodaiMeesmothLarva

    Here's a list of the milestones I reached:

    • 50 Edits
    • 100 Edits
    • 150 Edits
    • 200 Edits
    • 250 Edits
    • 300 Edits
    • 350 Edits
    • 400 Edits
    • 450 Edits
    • 500 Edits
    • 550 Edits
    • 600 Edits
    • 650 Edits
    • 700 Edits
    • 750 Edits
    • 800 Edits
    • 850 Edits
    • 900 Edits
    • 950 Edits
    • 1,000 Edits
    • 1,050 Edits
    • 1,100 Edits
    • 1,150 Edits
    • 1,200 Edits
    • 1,250 Edits
    • 1,300 Edits
    • 1,350 Edits
    • 1,400 Edits
    • 1,450 Edits
    • 1,500 Edits
    • 1,550 Edits
    • 1,600 Edits
    • 1,650 Edits
    • 1,700 Edits
    • 1,750 Edits
    • 1,800 Edits
    • 1,850 Edits
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  • SuperNerd295

    I wonder...

    June 17, 2016 by SuperNerd295

    Is Gigan a Dinosaur, or a Chicken? Or a both? 

    JK he's a cyborg alien chicken/dinosaur because dinosaurs and chickens are pretty much the same thing. See, I science.

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  • Punigako

    Check out this awesome short Kaiju that I watched!


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  • GodzillaZero-One

    I was searching on YouTube, when I came across this gem. Enjoy!

    ShinGojira's Theme

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  • Gojiratheking

    1,000 edits!

    June 15, 2016 by Gojiratheking

    I have just now noticed, that i have 1,000 edits! 

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  • The Boy Who Cried Godzilla

    I've been wanting to do this for a while now, just to see how it would look. Here it is. Every Navbox I could find.

    I feel like this would look way cooler if they all had the hide function.

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  • Ibarber

    Because they were allies to Godzilla in Godzilland do you think that monsters like Mechagodzilla, King Ghidorah and Moguera should have Godzilla placed in their infobox? Yes No Does it really matter? (Comment why)

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  • LesStudios

    Well, as many of you probably don't know, I have a wiki and contained on that wiki are all of my ideas for a Go! Greenman reboot which I began production on in 2014. Unfortunately, this project was put on hiatus due to primarily school and lack of resources. But, I've began getting the creative juices flowing again and I am happy to announce that I will be kicking my wiki back into shape and continue the conceptualization of my series.

    If you'd like more information, the following links should help you out:

    • My Wiki!
    • What monsters will be appearing in the series?
    • What is the show's premise?
    • Who is the series' main character?

    I will hopefully be getting artists soon to help me with concept art of the monsters, which will be one of the final steps to…

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  • Punigako

    Netflix has Marvel series, Spinoff series and why not kaiju series?? It could be great! Here's ideas for kaiju Netflix series...

    1. Godzilla netflix reboot

    2. Mothra Spinoff (Could be for LCM or Godzilla reboot)

    3. Rodan Spinoff (Could be for LCM or Godzilla rebbot)

    4. King Kong netflix reboot

    5. Pacific Rim prequel 

    Leave in the comments if you agree with my kaiju series ideas and what other kaijus series you want to see!

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  • Ibarber

    Happy Birthday to me!

    June 6, 2016 by Ibarber

    Today's my birthday, meh it's kinda stressful...but so far I bet it will be alright in the end. So I for my birthday I'll show my this...

    It's kinda like a birthday picture cause Gyaos is the cake XD

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  • Varanopode

    I eat you

    June 5, 2016 by Varanopode

    Vote for King Ghidorah, comrades! King Ghidorah must win!

    King Ghidorah vs. The Bewilder Beast

    The poll in the German Draogn Wiki:

    Arena: The Lost World

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  • Shingoji16


    June 1, 2016 by Shingoji16

    Im closing my a few hours...bye forever....

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  • Ryanhussain14

    My reasoning for this is simple, when Emmy sent back Mecha-King Ghidorah, she inadvertently causes Japan to become the corrupt superpower that the EEE wanted to prevent from happening.  Let me explain:

    • When Mecha-King Ghidorah was defeated and left to sink in the ocean, his remains were salvaged to create the Garuda and MechaGodzilla.
    • When those were trashed, their remains were used to build M.O.G.U.E.R.A. (which consists of the Star Falcon and Land Moguera).
    • These machines were some of the most powerful in the Godzilla franchise (MechaGodzilla paralyzed Godzilla and Godzilla needed M.O.G.U.E.R.A.'s help to defeat SpaceGodzilla when he usually would fight alone).

    These machines were built from future technology.  I believe that reverse enginee…

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  • Krazar77

    Look at this thing 

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  • Punigako

    During the years we have seen Godzilla destroying buildings, killing people and killing other kaijus. But he also has enemies which some of them were easy, complicated and very hard to kill!

    So here's a Top 5 Most powerful Godzilla villains in my opinion

    5. MechaGodzilla 2 AKA Super MechaGodzilla

    Being the deadliest MechaGodzilla ever created he takes up in number 5 for reasons... MechaGodzilla 2 has a very durable and resistent armor, (NT-1) Has tons of weaponary especially against kaijus, Killed easily Rodan and he almost killed Godzilla!

    4. Destroyah

    A very powerful mutant kaiju that is in number 4... Super resistent, Can fly very fast, Uses horn to cut everything, killed Godzilla Jr, Very big, Hard to kill and almost killed Godzilla

    3. Bagan …

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  • Godzilla1990s

    I created a King of the Monsters Wikia, a wikia dedicated to the SNES game King of the Monsters and its sequel. If anyone wants to help me with the wiki, it would be greatly appreciated.

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  • DeltaSquad5

    Another blog post from me asking you to say what would you do with this scenario.

    The scenario this time is imagining if the movie Destroy All Monsters was instead an American movie with King Kong as its main monster and his allies been a group of other American monsters. My question been, which monsters would you have to fight alongside King Kong (and which monster would you have for the final Battle Royale instead of King Ghidorah?)

    Here are the rules:

    • You can have any monster and mecha up to the present day, but only if they're American (such as the Rhedosaurus, Clover, the Jaegers, etc.)
    • You can't have monsters that are remakes of monsters from other countries, so the American Godzilla's and the MUTO's aren't allowed.
    • Likewise, the other mons…

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  • KaijuRanger2003

    To anyone that lives in the United States, let's take time and honor those who died to protect are country.

    Have a blessed day.

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  • Punigako

    New user

    May 29, 2016 by Punigako

    Hi! I am Punigako, Radionatix (My cousin) show me this Wiki and it's awesome!

    I am a kaiju fan like Godzilla, Gamera, King Kong, Pacific rim and other kaijus from everywhere!

    I would like to post my theories and top 10

    Just saying :)

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  • Magara M&E

    Zt2 Godzilla mod

    May 28, 2016 by Magara M&E

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  • KingOfKretaceous

    Credit (again) to GodzillaZero-Ones Hebimizu blog post for the inspiration.

    |copyrighticon =Unknown or No Trademark.png |image =Hybrehemoth.jpeg |caption =Hybrehemoth |name =Hybrehemoth |species =Genetic Mass of Numerous Organisms |nicknames =The Genetic Catastrophe |height =140-160 meters |length =??? meters |weight =120,000 tons |relationships =None |allies =None |enemies =JSDF and Sharkosuchus |controlled =None |created =DrasticPark/KingOfKretaceous |portrayed =Sprites |firstappearance =Hybrehemoth (film/game) |latestappearance =Sharkosuchus X Hybrehemoth (film) |forms =None |suits =ShodaiHyb…

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  • KingOfKretaceous

    Credit goes to GodzillaZero-Ones Hebimizu blog post for the inspiration.

    |copyrighticon =Unknown or No Trademark.png |image =Sharkosuchus.jpg |caption =Sharkosuchus |name =Sharkosuchus |species =Fused Great White and Saltwater Crocodile |nicknames =The Aquatic Terror |height =90-110 meters |length =??? meters |weight =75,000 tons |relationships =None |allies =None |enemies =Kazin, JSDF, Hybrehemoth |controlled =None |created =DrasticPark/KingOfKretaceous |portrayed =Sprites |firstappearance =Sharkosuchus (film/game) |latestappearance =Kazin vs. the Aquatic Terror (film) |forms =None |suits =Shod…

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  • Ryanhussain14

    I've found some useful links which have lots of juicy information from the book, check it out:


    This could help out a lot for the Kong related pages.

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  • ShowaGodzilla92

    ''Godzilla - Ultraman - Gamera: All Monsters Attack!'' is a fan-made OpenBOR game created by Aaron and Corwin Sands.

    An army of Giant Monsters has been unleashed upon the world, and only eleven Kaiju are ready to save the earth in an epic struggle between good and evil! The main game mode plays like a classic side scrolling arcade beat em up. Up to four players fight their way through hordes of enemies before fighting a boss at the end of each level. The game gets progressive harder although NPC allies help out on some levels, and there are rest levels with extra life items as well. 

    A grueling single level challenge where you must defeat every enemy, sub-boss, and boss in the entire game. There are no NPC's, health items, or extra life items…

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  • ShodaiMeesmothLarva

    I want to share this to you guys months ago, my list of my favorite interests (films, games, etc...)

    Of course, this is in order:

    1: Janine Gutierrez

    2: Once Again

    2: Godzilla film franchise

    3: Jurassic World film franchise

    4: SimCity videogame franchise

    5: Grand Theft Auto videogame franchise

    6: Gamera film franchise

    7: Other kaiju films, like King Kong films/etc...

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  • Shingoji16

    New member

    May 25, 2016 by Shingoji16

    Just wanted to say hi!

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  • Ryanhussain14


    Hello, fellow kaiju nerds.  We all know that the GyakushuGoji from 1955 is supposed to be the same monster as the KingGoji from 1962, but what if that is not true?  I have uncovered some discrepancies which may suggest or hint at the possibility that the 1955 Godzilla and the 1962-1975 Godzilla are separate creatures.  Let's begin:

    • The 1955 Godzilla was frozen on an island covered in ice (a fixed landmass).  The 1962-1975 Godzilla was thawed from a freely floating iceberg.
    • T…

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  • Danijo

    Looks like our prayers/wishes have been answered. Godzilla 1984 is being released by Kraken Releasing in September. If you remembered, they released three Godzilla films that were previously distributed by Sony Pictures/Tristar on DVD. Back in 2014, that is.

    This, to me, is extremely good news. Downside is...I don't think we'll see Godzilla 1985 on DVD in the near future yet.

    More info here: [1]

    Now if we can just get Son of Godzilla and Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla on DVD (again!) and Blu-Ray)...might be just wonderful.

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  • Radionatix

    Hey guys just a quick message to all people of Wikizilla, I won't be here for like 4 or 5 months because of 3 reasons...

    1. Vacations

    2. I'm working on a Godzilla fan film and another project for Youtube and other people's projects

    3. I'm so boring of using the computer (Sometimes)

    Here's my channel of Youtube of fan films that I'll do, suscribe if you want (LITTLE WARNING: Some videos are going to be in spanish)

    [[1]] ---------- Here's my channel

    The Godzilla fan film project will be... Godzilla: Rise Of The Old God (But that will be AFTER the other project I'm doing)

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  • KaijuRanger2003

    It has happened folks. A crossover between Godzilla and Attack on Titan.

    The game, Attack on Godzilla is a fan made game. Have a blessed day.

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  • LesStudios
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  • DeltaSquad5

    In terms of Kaiju/Giant Monster movies, we've not really seen Britain create their own 'mascot monster(s)'. While we've created many movies that include monsters (such as Grabbers, The Descent, Attack the Block, etc.), the only giant movie monster movies we've made seem to be our own versions of King Kong (Queen Kong, Konga) and Godzilla (Gorgo).

    So, does anyone have any ideas for an 'original' mascot monster that Britain can call its own?


    How would the monster look?

    What would be its origin?

    What would its powers be?

    Would it be a hero/villain/anti-hero?

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  • Radionatix

    Gamera could be awesome to join to the universe!! Why not??

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  • DeltaSquad5

    I think all of us have seen at least one kaiju/giant monster movie that we thought was crap - whether we're part of a majority or minority that think the same.

    However, if you had the chance to adjust the film so it was better in your opinion (and assuming money and other assets weren't a problem), what film would you choose to 'adjust' and what would you do differently?

    There's no right or wrong answers to this, so use your imagination and be as detailed or brief as you want. I'll start us off:


    MOVIE: Gamera: Super Monster

    The Zanon are the 'Ice Men' from the scrapped movie Gamera The Giant Monster vs. The Ice Men From Outer Space, with them flying in ships that don't look like rip-offs from Star Wars.

    It's revealed that the homeworld of the …

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  • Embow

    The title says it all, Gareth Edwards has left the director's chair for Godzilla 2..... I am greatly saddened by this news, but hopefully they can find another good director to fill his place.

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  • Suzy3852

    can anyone tell me how i can contact toho studios via email?  i want to as them a question about the new godzilla movie like what is the release date for the united states.

    i am a big fan since i saw the 50s movie in the US and i just love godzilla.  he's my boy!!!!!!

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  • Radionatix

    Would you like to see Mechagodzilla in the Godzilla Legendary films???

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  • LegerPrime

    Universal recently bought DreamWorks Animation. Their DreamWorks Classics division owns North American licence to several Godzilla movies, including the original. And Universal owns the North American distribution rights to King Kong vs. Godzilla. Is there a possibility Universal Pictures Home Entertainment could release the US and Japanese versions of King Kong vs. Godzilla and DWC's licensed-owned Godzilla movies into a DVD set? 

    I mean, compared to Warner Bros. and Sony, Universal didn't have that many Godzilla movies until recently. Legendary Pictures, their own partners, shunned them out of their Godzilla-Kong cinematic universe. Now Warner Bros., who already has their DC Extended Universe, stole Kong: Skull Island from Universal, who onl…

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  • Lamango


    May 13, 2016 by Lamango
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  • Radionatix

    Warner Bros has announced it is moving Godzilla 2 from June 8, 2018 to March 22, 2019. The studio has also dated Godzilla vs. Kong for May 29, 2020. 

    Can't believe we have to wait one more year for Godzilla 2 :(

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  • Radionatix

    With the new King Kong Vs Godzilla 2020 movie many people are making how the story of the movie will be... 

    EXAMPLE: At the end MechaGodzilla will try to kill Kong and Godzilla 2014 OR also team up to defeat other Kaijus

    Leave in the comments how do you think the story will be!

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  • KaijuRanger2003

    I found some photos of Mothra, Mothra Leo, Battra, and Baby Mothra on Google. I also found the Godzilla Island theme song.

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  • Deathrock9

    King Kong VS.

    May 7, 2016 by Deathrock9

    With King Kong entering the Legendary Godzilla series in Kong: Skull Island, it's entirely possible that other King Kong characters (like the T-Rex) could also make an appearance. I'm sure they'll want to have a fight in the film seeing as how every other King Kong reboot has done so. Because of this, and the connections with Godzilla, I'm thinking that it could be entirely possible for a Godzilla kaiju to make a cameo in the film.

    These are the Kaiju I think could possibly appear, if Legendary are able to get rights to them and actually decide to do so.

    1. Gorosaurus - This is the most obvious choice, for two reasons. My first reason is that the T-Rex from the original movie is the character most often associated with King Kong when people …

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  • Godzilla1990s

    Does anyone here know the theme (or lesson) in the book Godzilla at World's End? Or is there not a theme?

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  • Magara M&E
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  • KaijuRanger2003

    To anyone that believes Mothra and the M.U.T.O.s are the creature, here are the differences between them.

    1. Mothra is an insect. The Mutos are parasites.

    2. Mothra has six legs, antennas, and an abdomen. Male Muto has four legs. Female Muto has eight legs and no wings.

    3. Mothra only attacked cities when the Shobijin were captured, or when she was controlled by aliens. The Mutos attacked cities to find each other.

    4. Mothra is a benevolent kaiju. Making her evil would ruin her character. Mutos are hostile.

    5. Mothra can reproduce asexually. The Mutos require one male and one female to reproduce.

    That's all the differences I can find between them. This belief that Mothra and the Mutos are the same character has got to end folks. If there is any …

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  • KaijuRanger2003

    A New User

    May 5, 2016 by KaijuRanger2003

    Hi. I'm KaijuRanger2003. I've been checking out this website for a while now, but now I have a account on here. Here's a few things about me.

    I'm a girl.

    I believe in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, so you better not attack me for my faith.

    My favorite kaiju are Godzilla, Mothra, and many more.

    I also like Power Rangers, Super Sentai, Ultraman,etc.

    Have a blessed day.

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  • G-Fan Enterprises

    Alright. So, I have the fortunate hobby of making Godzilla kaiju in Lego form, so I thought I'd show you guys. I apologize for some of the blurriness in the photos. Ill upload some more of them later in the week.

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  • Radionatix
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