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  • Titanollante

    Thanks to the PS4's extremely helpful "Share" feature, I can upload Godzilla: The Game gameplay directly to Wikizilla's YouTube channel... (link here)

    This means... it's the return of Wikizilla's YouTube channel!! After a year or two of inactivity, it's back. And it'll stay that way for a while, until I run out of things from GODZILLA THE GAME to record. After that I may start making some other kinds of videos, or not at all. I really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, need to learn Japanese. Like, not even. I need to learn Japanese words and kanji, to stop being lazy. }}

    Well anyways, this is me signing off!

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  • Johnosfirewalker

    Super Godzilla holds a very special place in my heart. It was one of the first games I ever played, and it was my first Godzilla game. Also, it is one of my favorite games of all time and my favorite Godzilla game. The sound and graphics really show the power of 16 bit. Nowadays its still impressive when it comes to sprite detail and accurate and somewhat realistic sound. Speaking of the sound, I've been known to spend hours just listening to the music and sound tests in the options menu. The music features both classic Ifukube themes, and some great original music made just for this game. Now, i am well aware of why people dislike this game: the gameplay itself. The map navigation is admittedly slow and boring, and the constant UFOs are a…

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  • Johnosfirewalker

    heres an idea ive had for a while...

    KDM-001, Japan's last line of defence!

    height: 100m

    faction: GDF/ Government

    appearance: (see picture)

    origins: it is the new Kaiju Defense Mech made to protect the country from monster attack. the inventor of the KDM lost his wife in the last kaiju attack. he was inspired by his son's collection of robot toys.

    abilities: KDM-001 has shoulder mounted missile pods, and powerful laser cannons on the ends of his arms. he has jump jets on his feet and back that allow for short-term flight (more like hovering than actual flight) his torso can turn a full 360 degrees in either direction. he has advanced armor plating that resists heat and puncture. he is remote controlled.

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  • Johnosfirewalker

    ill start off todays rant by saying that im really exited about the upcoming Attack on Titan movie thats coming up. im a huge fan of the show and im also a fan of the gentlemen leading the production. but, im having some sudden doubts about how it will turn out. i remembered movies like Dragonball Evolution The Last Airbender. those movies ruined the beloved cartoons we loved. a few things i have gathered about Attack on Titans's live-action reboot has further caused doubt. for one, the design style is drastically different. in the show, the design of the wall and towns was made to reflect 16th century Europe and was fairly urbanized. in the movie, the wall looks thrown together and rinky-dink and the towns look like slums. this one i get.…

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  • SuperNerd295

    who will win?

    Tell me in the comment section below!

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  • Vertigoconquers

    It took me nearly three days of almost non-stop work but I finally completed the first of my in-depth articles on Godzilla In Hell, being the first issue or "Canto I" which can be read here:

    A quick rundown is as follows:

    1.) The Second Death

    This section, extremely brief, just sort of breezes through the events leading up to Godzilla's death last year. The article is about Stokoe's issue so I didn't want to take too much time on this, especially since I've pretty much said all I need to say in my two Deathiversary series from this and last year.

    2.) Vestibule

    Not a numbered circle, and not a separate level, only being separated from Limbo by the river Acheron. This …

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  • Manuel.vegapurificacion

    So, this is a thing that just got into my head, which will be battles, not necessarily from kaiju. You vote to choose the winner. That's all. The first one will be:

    Arena: Tokyo


    Heisei Godzilla vs Heisei Gamera


    • Godzilla can't enter Burning Form
    • Gamera can't fly.(To make it fair)

    Votes end next Monday

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  • Gojiratheking

    GODZILLA'S BEST FRIEND IS FISHCAKE! (fishcake is secretly angurius)

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  • GodzillaZero-One


    July 14, 2015 by GodzillaZero-One

    |copyrighticon =Unknown_or_No_Trademark.png |image =Draykaze.png |caption = |name =Draykaze |species =Elemental Diety |nicknames =TBA |height =15 meters |length =90 meters |weight =?? tons |forms =Larva |allies =Other Guardians of Earth |enemies =Kazin |relationships =Twin
    Larva |controlled =TBA |created =SuperNerd295 |portrayed =Puppet |firstappearance =Kazin vs The Guardians of Earth |latestappearance =Kazin vs The Guardians of Earth |suits =ShodaiKaze |roar =TBA
    }} Draykaze is a giant dragonfly kaiju who will first appear in Kazin vs The Guardians of Earth

    The larvae is a silky brown i…

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  • SuperNerd295

    "Kazin" story!

    July 14, 2015 by SuperNerd295

    OKAY. dear wiki contributors  to day i discuss the topic of.... THE KAZIN MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay okay i know what some of you are saying "SuperNerd? Who's kazin??????????????????????????" and my answer to you... go to my profile its the second blog!

    what we're doing today is talking about how the Kazin movies are gonna go.

    RULES (very important!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    1. you MUST have made a kaiju that passed on my kaiju designer.

    2.please don't suggest any thing that may make a video game M-rated. this is because we just like Toho, want are kaiju movies PG-13 if they get released. Also, please dont even refrence "it".

    3. no potty-mouth people.just no.

    4. Have fun!

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  • SuperNerd295

    Hello once again fellow wiki contributors! Today i've got a new project for you! This may not be as fun as the rest of my blog things. but alas, i have noticed that my new kaiju post is out of its fame, for no one is on it. It at the moment is on the most popular blog posts and its at the top. ANYWAYS,this blog as you most likely know is about new kaiju ability's and hey thanks for listening to my chatter. and the rules are right below us.

    RULES ( very important!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    1. no making new kaiju of the one your giving new abilities.

    2. Up to 5 ability's can be given to a kaiju.

    3. the ability's given can not make them god. no invincibility, no super powerful attack that can one-shot and please no flying. it would be hectic if you saw godzil…

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  • DrasticPark


    July 10, 2015 by DrasticPark

    Based on GodzillaZero-One's Hebimizu blog post, so credit goes to him.

    |copyrighticon =Unknown_or_No_Trademark.png |image =Sharkosuchus.jpg |caption = Sharkosuchus' full body |name =Sharkosuchus |species =Fused shark and crocodile |nicknames =The Aquatic Terror |height =95-110 meters |length =?? meters |weight =75,000 tons |forms =None |allies =Occasionally other Sharkosuchus |enemies =Kazin, JSDF |relationships =None |controlled =None |created =DrasticPark |portrayed =Sprites |firstappearance =Sharkosuchus |latestappearance =Sharkosuchus |suits =ShodaiSharko |roar = }}

    The name Shark…

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  • Super Dinobot Zilla

    So what if a hybrid of Destroyah and King Ghidorah fight to the death with Super godzilla. Who would win? I think King Destroyah would kill Super Godzilla

    (The space King Ghidorah that wipes out species not the dorats)

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  • SuperNerd295

    Hey there dear wiki contributors, today we will talk about designs for a new kaiju in a movie I could make! (sadly right now this is just going to be an idea.It could be produced ten years from now!)

    Okay I know what your saying."were are the rules?", well here they are!

    RULES (very important!!!!!!)

    1. If it sounds to much like a godzilla, gamera or any other kaiju already made by a company then it will have to be discarded, even scrapped kaiju are out!

    2.If it's loosely based after one, then I might take it. If your going to suggest the mothra of this world then it of course can not be a spider,moth or mantis.

    3. KAIJU ONLY! This means no making human hero's or villan's.

    4. please after that last one i know what some of you are thinking, no mut…

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  • HTFandGodzillafangirl1954

    Sorry for being VERY quiet i was more busy with youtube and, stuff sorry ;;

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  • Johnosfirewalker

    Today,(7-7-2015) marks the 114th birthday of Eiji Tsubaraya. To some this might not seem too important, but it is to me. Eiji Tsubaraya is considered by many to be the father of the Tokusatsu genre or one of the many pioneers at least. Most importantly he created the grandfather of modern Kaiju, Godzilla, king of the monsters and personally my favorite thing in the world. Basically, without the work of Mr. Tsubaraya, the Kaiju genre as we know it might not exist. Another thing that is great (and what alerted me to this in the first place) is that Google honored this day with a logo that becomes an interactive mini-game of sorts.(unfortunately not pictured, couldnt get a screen shot, sorry) Well, thats about it, if you do manage to get a sc…

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  • Meeston Falcon

    I am very sorry for my one-month offline in Wikizilla (and in the Role-Play Wiki), I got really busy in the past few weeks:

    • I got a PS4 for Godzilla: The Game, now waiting for the game to be released.
    • My real-life problems got worse.
    • I had to cut my internet connection to save some money this June 2015.
    • I bought many Godzilla figures when I am offline.

    It's nice to be back, but what events (Wikizilla and Role-Play Wiki) did I missed when I am gone?

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  • Lamango


    July 4, 2015 by Lamango


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  • GodzillaZero-One

    Hello Wikizilla! Today I'm here with the subject of Godzilla Kaiju Sizing. This subject has always bothered me for some reason, and whenever I find a video with Godzilla being in comparison to a human, building, car, and so on, bad sizing, it makes the video worse in my opinion and deducts a large amount of quality. So on to the point.

    If a human were to be the size of Godzilla (let's say 100 meters), what would be a human's size in comparison to the Godzilla (human).

    If you didn't catch that then here it is in simpler words


    Human= Godzilla

    Then= what equals human?

    Here are the choices:

    • A LEGO Minifigure
    • A peanut
    • An ant

    Any other ideas? Then add them in the comments, I'd like to hear what you think.

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  • Johnosfirewalker
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  • Cloverfield monster

    Recently, I've just come up with an idea for a new Kaiju after seeing some clips of the movie Ghostbusters. I kind of thought to myself. Why don't we have a movie like this, except with instead of ghosts, it's Kaiju. Now this hypothetical idea of mine is still in the planning stages, so bear with me.

    K-Force (Kaiju-Force) is an American science-fiction action-comedy film about a 20's age slacker named Rick living in Manhattan who finally ends up being forced to find a job to sustain himself. However, he unfortunately ends up screwing up at every job he tries. He can't even work at McDonald's, because he accidentally left the stove running, which eventually triggered a fire. It's been a month after that incident, but when giant monsters sudde…

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  • GodzillaZero-One

    2,054 Pages!

    June 29, 2015 by GodzillaZero-One

    Well, congratulations, Wikizilla, 100 more pages than 1954... enough to where our date, 2015, will probably never catch up to the amount of pages on this Wiki.

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  • Kaijumorti

    So I got these poster and other stuff, you can put them on the film's page, or its gallery.

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  • Lamango


    June 27, 2015 by Lamango

    Baba booey.

    These are the Abura Sumashi from Spook Warfare/100 Monsters and And Ghost. Spook Warfare is the only one where it's a main character.

    It was in Yokai War, but was a jerk. 

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  • GodzillaZero-One


    June 26, 2015 by GodzillaZero-One

    |copyrighticon =Unknown or No Trademark.png |image =Hebimizu_Fanmade_Kaiju_with_scenery.png.png |caption =Hebimizu |name =Hebimizu |species =Prehistoric Reptile |nicknames =None |height =50 meters
    90 meters |length = 120 meters
    160 meters |weight =15,000 tons
    25,000 tons |forms =None |allies =None |enemies =Military |relationships =None |controlled =None |created =GodzillaZero-One |portrayed =Puppet |firstappearance =The Attack of the Giant Sea Snake |latestappearance =Kyasaru: Conquer Yasei Island! |suits =ShodaiHebi
    KōgekiHebi |roar =TBA

    Hebimizu (ヘビミズ Mizu Hebi) is a giant sea serpent…

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  • SuperNerd295

    Hello my dear friends, today (6/24/2015) we will be running a poll for the most beloved monster. It has to be of Toho property and have an actually published,not just script or scrached movie for it (no gamera, unused godzilla monsters, ultraman or any pacific rim kaiju). This poll will last until X-mas and will have 1-3 places for the most beloved Godzilla kaiju.

    RULES (very importent!)

    1. No voting twice! ( you are also restricted to having : a comment that has more then one kaiju or, a sudden change of heart and posting that.)The reason this is a rule is to not get a monster such as Orga to first place when really it only got 29 votes by separate users. posting unrelated content(no links or questions. not even a conversation!). This i…

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  • GodzillaZero-One

    Okay I got an idea from some comments and now I present to you...

    This is judged by which of the years your birth year is closest too.

    1954,1984-Godzilla- A steadfast leader who always is the captain, like it or not.

    1955-Anguirus- The loyal sidekick who is usually Godzilla's ally.

    1956,1965-Rodan- The ally/enemy, he is either against Godzilla or with him.

    1933,1962,1976,1986,2005-King Kong- The enemy and reluctant rival.

    1961,1996,1997-Mothra- Loves the environment and stops at nothing to save it.

    1964,1991-King Ghidorah- Almost always a rival who conquers and usually lands short doing so.

    1966-Ebirah- The unpopular enemy who doesn't enjoy big crowds, not a lot to this guy.

    1967,1969-Minilla- The underrated child who sometimes isn't liked much.


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  • GodzillaZero-One

    Well, since I wanted to start a new Blog I decided I might as well want to have one about made up stronger forms of already created kaiju. These modified monsters will come from you because I am that kind of person. As always I have a template for you to make your modded kaiju off of. Voilà! Here it is!

    Changed name (Super SpaceGodzilla, Mega Rodan and stuff like that.)

    The (if changed at all) height and length

    Appearance (add picture if you like)

    Abilities (don't include pre-existing abilities)

    And Enemies and allies

    There you go.Create and enjoy!

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  • Kaijumorti
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  • Lamango

    I've been cruising the Youtubes, and found this series. It's from the same era as Ultraman. 

    Oh man, the person who uploaded the Space Giants series also uploaded Spectreman! I'm in heaven!

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  • MechaKingGhidorah789

    I've heard a little while back that a new Gamera movie was supposed to be released this year, apparently last may. Is this a mistake I made while reading, or will it come out next year, which is a more probabable date. I'm sorry if this sounds like me being impatient, but I'm just overall curious. Tell me what you think in the comments. Thanks for reading!

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  • KoopaGalaxain


    Quite the unexpected owner of this title, eh?

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  • Lamango

    This is a video from a VHS Tsuburaya put out showcasing all the monsters from Ultra Q. You'll see Gomess, Litra, Goro, Namegon, Garamon, Peguila, and all the other Ultra Q kaiju in their prime and some great miniature works from Old Man Tsuburaya. 

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  • Lamango



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  • Johnosfirewalker

    I've noticed a rapid revival of the Kaiju genre over the past few years. Starting in 2008 with Cloverfield, the genre has seen a massive amount of new films from both America and Japan, such as Pacific Rim and Godzilla 2014. Now there are two more American Godzillas coming in the next few years, as well as a Japanese reboot. But Godzilla isn't the only famous Kaiju getting a reboot, both Gamera and King Kong  are getting new movies soon. Even Attack on Titan is getting a new movie. I don't know about everyone else, but I think the genre is really going to claw it's way back into relevance within the next decade. That is a fact that everyone here at Wikizilla can be happy about.

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  • Aggression25

    What did you think of the scene where Godzilla was pinned by the building and injured when he and Ford saw each other before the dust cloud enveloped the King of the Monsters like it was a sign that he would never be seen again?

    For me, it was like there was a minor connection between Godzilla and a select member of mankind. Although Godzilla in this incarnation doesn't demonstrate any semblance of a relationship with human beings, it did seem like he was connecting with Ford, even if it was only briefly.

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  • Travzilla22

    1. Ford needs to change.  I.E. he blames himself for what happened to his father.  He believes that he could have saved him. 

    2.  Elle Brody catches Godzilla's attention.

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  • Johnosfirewalker

    Hi there! I'm Johnos. if you look through the comments of some items of the films category, I have posted a short review of the film and given it an out-of-ten score. I plan on taking that idea to the next level by writing full reviews of films and posting them on my blog. I will accept suggestions via comment or direct message. the films I will review will be limited to those I OWN as I will have to re-watch the films to get more in-depth and accurate details. I will mostly judge them based on the people story(also called human plot, for you smart ones out there) and monster action, with a few mentions of other aspects of the film including a total count of visible strings on monsters and amount and quality of stock footage. please also k…

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  • Lamango

    Jason DNA splice

    June 15, 2015 by Lamango

    So here's all the things Jason from the Kong Animated Series has shared his DNA with.

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  • Lamango


    June 15, 2015 by Lamango


    This guy has most of the KONG animated series uploaded. You remember this, right? Lol. Think this wiki is the right place for the KONG TAS? 

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    June 13, 2015 by GOJI-ATOMICO

    This a tournament of Godzilla- 32 monsters clasificated! These are the monsters:
    King Ghidorah
    Monster X/Keiser Ghidorah



    Godzilla Junior


    MechaGodzilla 2





    Mothra Larva 1

    Mothra Larva 2

    Hyper Mecha King Ghidorah

    Jet Jaguar

    Manda (wins elimination vs kumonga)

    King Caesar (wins elimination vs baragon)




    Krystalak (wins elimination vs gorosaurus)


    Obisidium (wins elimination vs Battra

    Zone Fighter 

    M.U.T.O male (wins elimination vs megalon)

    M.U.T.O female (wins elimination vs hedorah)


    Varan (Wins elimination vs megaguirus)

    Mothra vs Obisidium

    Titanosaurus vs Zone Fighter

    Godzilla vs Gigan

    Rodan vs Hyper Mecha King Ghidorah

    Mothra Larva 1…

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  • Kaijumorti
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  • GDF private Peucoman

    well hi there, I am using the MUGEN engine to make my own fighting game, you can pick all of your favorite (and unfavorite) kaiju!, and if you're gonna say "but GDF, what kaiju can I play as?" well, the roster is:

    godzilla +








    +hedorah +

    kingg +
















    alien mefilas


    alien metron

    alien borg

    alien guts






























    gypsy danger

    I know there's like a huge ton …

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  • Cloverfield monster

    As most of you may or may not know, the upcoming Godzilla: The Game not only allows you to play as any number of monsters from the Godzilla series (though for some no MUTO), wreck cities and generally cause a ruckus. It also allows you to use custom songs to make your own soundtrack. So, what songs will you be using if you are going to utilize this feature. Here's some of mine:

    This is for when there are no other monsters around besides you. You know, the parts where you are just rampaging through the city:

    And that's it for me. What songs will you use if you are going to utilize this feature?

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  • Kaijugame333

    tell me that I'm not alone.

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  • Titanollante

    1,954 pages

    May 31, 2015 by Titanollante

    Wikizilla now has 1954 pages!
    Conglaturation everyone!

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  • J.J. Chambers

    VS Battles

    May 31, 2015 by J.J. Chambers

    Hello, everyone.
    Can you join it? If you're interested in them, then here you go.

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  • Thegoldnguy

    A Suggestion

    May 28, 2015 by Thegoldnguy

    For each film image gallery, should we make two separate screenshot galleries if the film in question has an alternate version?  For example, there's the Varan (1958 film) movie which has a (butchered) American cut that excludes some scenes involving Varan, completely retools the plot to revolve around a (boring) American guy, and adds one extra shot of Varan reaching into a cave with his claw.  

    Tl;DR edition: Should we make two screenshot galleries for films that have extremely different versions (aka: they add/delete scenes and such)?

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  • Lamango


    May 25, 2015 by Lamango

    Well, found this. In the top video, if you go to Youtube to watch it, there's more in the related videos. 

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  • GodzillaZero-One

    Your Favorite... Godzilla design, Rodan design, Ghidorah design, Gamera design, Gigan design, Anguirus design?

    Out of all favorite

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