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  • JohnGojira


    February 5, 2017 by JohnGojira


    31 meters

    62 meters


    70 meters

    140 meters


    5,000 metric tons

    25,000 metric tons

    Cetus was the first Kaiju Archon fought.It resembles a whale with arms and legs. It has thick scales, razor sharp teeth, and fin- like structures.

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  • Fanficlover99

    there's a spammer here called  Zoe Buchansky, he/she is putting in unrelated stuff to our properties here, he/she must be banned!

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  • JohnGojira


    January 24, 2017 by JohnGojira


    45 meters

    60 meters

    75 meters

    50 meters

    90 meters


    98 meters

    130 meters

    162 meters

    110 meters

    186 meters


    5,000 metric tons

    15,000 metric tons

    25,000 metric tons

    10,000 metric tons

    40,000 metric tons

    Enemies: Cetus, Spiker, Killer Chimera/ Cyber Chimera/ Chimera/ Emperor Chimera, Nhunga, Kai Hometa, King Reptile, AI,Kamorogon, Kraken, Saurus, Mutant Shark, .

    Archon is a mutant lungfish Kaiju. It has a bony crest for slicing opponents, pincer- like body parts on its arms for slicing, and a long tail that has spines on it. It got mutated during the bomb tests in Bikini. It can breath superheated air, at 750 kelvin, occasionally becoming plasma if superheated more. Archon's skin is heavily armored. However, it's weak spot is it's gills (of…

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  • KongZilla2020

    The New York Pimp Scene is the best thing ever

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  • Rhodesaurus

    Top 10 Kaiju

    December 31, 2016 by Rhodesaurus

    This is a list of my favorite Godzilla monsters from Showa, Heisei, and Millennium eras!

    1. 10 Zilla
    1. 9 Mechagodzilla (1974/1975)
    1. 8 Gigan
    1. 7 King Ghidorah
    1. 6 Gorosaurus
    1. 5 Mothra
    1. 4 Battra
    1. 3 Kiryu
    1. 2 Godzilla

    Now for my favorite Godzilla kaiju of all time... number 1...


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  • Why Am I So Strange?

    Shin Toho Kaiju

    December 27, 2016 by Why Am I So Strange?

    In Shin Godzilla, it was revealed that Godzilla was a species of microscopic organisms that merged together as a single creature and that this creature could evolve at a rapid scale to adapt to its environment and asexually reproduce by through budding.

    Taking this into account, the movie was left open with the possibility that Godzilla could create other monsters, as seen in his tail at the end of the movie. I was left wondering what would other Toho Monsters from the Showa era would look like in a what if situation where either the creature in the beginning of the film evolved to something other than Godzilla, or was capable of reproducing other monsters. So, I made some drawings by combining the designs of Godzilla's three forms seen in…

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  • Leivbjerga


    December 21, 2016 by Leivbjerga

    NZGoji                                                            NZGoji Apperd In Godzilla (2012 Film) And Godzilla The Movie 2012~2014,Godzilla The Movie 2 2012~2019 & Godzilla VS Kong 2012~2020

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  • Fanficlover99

    looks like we got our first Skull Island merch, comes out January.

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  • Fanficlover99

    while only one movie is out right now, i just wanted to do this for you amusement or something, 

    with Michael Dougherty on board for Godzilla 2 , i'm sure the movie would have some humor, especially when Mothra, Rodan, and King Ghidorah are around.

    when Kong: Skull Island comes out, i'm pretty sure Shout! Factory (under Scream Factory) would release King Kong Escapes on Blu-Ray, and then later King Kong vs. Godzilla when Godzilla vs. Kong comes out with English dubs AND the original Japanese versions, that's possible since Shout! has rights to release the Universal Studios library.

    to expand the franchise further, Legedary would make some TV series set in the universe (Marvel's doing it, so why not others?)

    to expand the franchise with more mo…

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  • Fanficlover99

    you may have not know me, but this will surely interest you, i decided to make a Godzilla Toy series (my first in this genre) and the series is called "The Brothers Godzilla & Friends" an Action-Comedy series showcasing my Godzilla figures, (and i promisse this isn't a Rip-off of MIB) it's more in the style of say, "Cute Mario Bros." i already have a test pilot for planing to air this December, the main series itself will air on probably Febuary-March of 2017, just in time for Kong: Skull Island, i even have a wiki set up...

    i hope you enjoy this seires pitch as much as i do, Happy pre-Thanksgiving

    oh, and here's my YT channel...…

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  • KaijuFan01

    GR Wiki

    October 20, 2016 by KaijuFan01

    The Godzilla Rebirth Wiki is here!!!!!!

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  • LegerPrime

    Since FUNimation's home entertainment deal with Universal, I read things people have been talking about online about the possibility of Universal buying FUNimation. You guys all know FUNimation, the anime guys, the Gods of English Dub. Their film division, FUNimation Films, who mostly releases anime movies, owns the North American distribution rights to Attack on Titan: Part 1 & 2 and Godzilla: Resurrgance. But Universal has their own anime division, NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan, so I don't think they'd have need for another source for anime. Now I've been thinking, if FUNimation was bought buy a media company, who do you guys think would be a potential/perfect buyer? I think it should be either Paramount Pictures, who also owns the U.…

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  • Ashtonzilla

    I have to say the new Godzilla design is well, scary. The thing that makes it scary is the skin, the eyes, and the teeth. I wasn't expecting this from Toho. They made our lovably Godzilla into something that looks like a red and dead zombie!


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  • Garfzilla
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  • Garfzilla
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  • Garfzilla

    Why i hate the Kiryu Films

    September 30, 2016 by Garfzilla

    Look, as you see the scientific diagram to your right, The Showa Godzilla is Kiryu's base, and the Millennium Godzilla is bigger than the Showa Godzilla. So, not only was it INCREDIBLY unrealistic, it was also stupid. Yes, Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla wasn't that good, but not bad to the point where i think it shouldn't exist. Godzilla: Tokyo SOS is my least favourite Godzilla film ever. Worse than All Monsters Attack, i find it terrible. Mothra and Mechagodzilla? Honestly, i don't know what i see in that. Maybe AAAAAAAAGH or AAAAAAAAH or GAAAAAHK. And teaming up against Godzilla? UNFAIR! Bring Titanosaurus in on Godzilla's side, and when Mothra and Kiryu defeat Godzilla, he defeats them both! MWAHAHAHAHAHA EVIL.

    Okay, let's get serious. …

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  • Garfzilla

    This is the thing:


    The year is 1999. A new Godzilla film! I watch it. Greeeeeaaaat thingie. 2000, another one came out. Great film too, but not as good as the last one. Then, in 2001, a new one came out. Very popular. I watched it. And i thought... it isn't that great. Then i thought, it's not not that great.

    It's terrible. GMK WAS TERRIBLE. Then, in 2002, there was another one. Still bad. But better. Then, in 2003, in my opinion, the worst Godzilla film ever was made. Tokyo SOS was a complete piece of s***. I hated it. Just my luck that my least favourite Godzilla film was followed by my favourite in 2004.

    But the Millennium, as a series, was a stu…

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  • Garfzilla

    Why i hate GMK

    September 28, 2016 by Garfzilla


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  • Garfzilla

    This film was the first of 'em all, and at that time, one would never think Godzilla would amount to anything big. However, looking back, this film is THE masterpiece of the Showa series. The design was good, and it was defintely too good for the likes of Godzilla (2014) and defintely the 1998 film. so, the film is really good, but it was very old, so it's not the "best"

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  • Danijo


    September 11, 2016 by Danijo

    In light of recent events that happened in the last few days or so, I thought of lighten things up alittle while this Wikia is getting fixed-up and back on it's feet.

    About 2/3 days ago, tickets for Shin Godzilla have gone on sale (if you're living the US). Check-up on Funimation Films and see which theater in your area is selling tickets. Remember, that price varies from theater to theater, so try to keep that in mind.

    In other exciting news, The Return of Godzilla DVD/Blu-Ray is only 2 days away. so be prepare if you are, like me, planning on aquiring this film for the 1st time on DVD/Blu-Ray. Courtesy of Kraken Releasing.

    P.S. The American version, Godzilla 1985, will not be release on DVD/Blu-Ray. Due to the fact of copyrighted music that…

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  • HollowIchigo58

    I was browsing and I noticed the Godzilla Rulers of the Earth pages plank and the pages for the Trilopod and the Magita and are gone too, also the comment section for the monster pages

    What happened to all that?

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  • DeltaSquad5

    Do you have any monster movies you'd like to see crossovers of with other franchises (including with TV shows and video games if you'd like)? Here's a few I'd like to see:

    1. Godzilla vs. Gamera: I don't think this needs much information as this is one of the most popular future match-ups that fans would like to see.
    2. Godzilla vs. Pacific Rim: Another popular choice by many. Seeing Godzilla joing forces with the Jaegars to take on various alien monsters would be pretty impressive.
    3. Gamera vs. Daimajin: This one was apparently one of the potential ideas for Gamera's second movie before eventually been replaced with Gamera vs. Barugon. I think it would be interesting to see how Gamera would deal with such an opponent, as well as seeing Daimajin closer t…

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  • JayKayFour

    Toho has confirmed that Shin Godzilla will keep it's name at all territories.

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  • Bob Sherlock

    I heard that there's an announcement coming soon and its the reason why certain pages are getting deleted. 

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  • Ryanhussain14

    I personally want to see other monstrosities (or even other Godzillas) born from Godzilla's cells who then either fight or team up with Godzilla.  I personally want to see "shin" versions (I personally want to see the last seven on the list more than the first eight) of:

    • Anguirus.
    • Rodan.
    • Varan.
    • Manda.
    • Baragon.
    • Gorosaurus.
    • Titanosaurus.
    • Maybe Zilla (take that with a pinch of salt).
    • Hedorah.
    • Shockirus.
    • Biollante.
    • Destoroyah (along with all of its forms).
    • Dagahra (along with those parasitic starfish things).
    • Orga (as well as the millenian).
    • Sanda/Gaira (with Godzilla-like traits to coincide with Shin Godzilla's ending).

    They could be creatures spawned from stray cells from Godzilla's attack (re-writing their origins).  They could either team up with Godzilla sin…

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  • JayKayFour

    I stumbled upon this by accident.

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  • SolZen321

    At the time of posting this blog/editorial, I have not watched Godzilla Resurgence but I have heard things about it. The thing in particular is that it had good Human Characters, which...when I really stop and think about not something you hear often in Godzilla movies.

    Also before I start, people, this is just my opinion, that doesn't mean I'm giving it as gospel, I'm giving it as my opinion. Let us begin.

    Now let's, for the most part, forget about the Showa Era, I think we can all, or at least most of us, agree that the only good human characters were in the First Movie. The characters in the other movies, suffer from increasing amounts of Camp.

    I'm talking about the Heisei Human Characters and why most people don't really count mos…

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  • Varanopode


    August 8, 2016 by Varanopode

    In my opinion, articles about individual combat vehicles and weapons should be greatly reduced.


    Since this wiki turned into a general kaiju wiki, where would it end when we have tons of articles about vehicles from every single kaiju movie?

    Maybe they could be summed up in a few general articles, like "planes", "ships", "tanks" ...

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  • Punigako

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  • Bob Sherlock

    Look Who's Back!

    August 5, 2016 by Bob Sherlock

    HOLY SKREEONK, WHAT YEAR IS IT?! Sorry for not being on for so long, I heard a lot of stuff went on regarding Godzilla: Resurgence and a lot of stuff. Anyways, I'm back.

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  • Punigako

    Does it makes sense?

    August 4, 2016 by Punigako

    After watching all Heisei Godzilla films I had something that confused me! In Godzilla Vs King Ghidorah we can see that the future people erase Godzilla when he was a young creature. But if they erased Godzilla it means that the timeline changed? Godzilla 1985 and Godzilla Vs Biollante never happened? Here's more. In Godzilla Vs Spacegodzilla the scientists explain the origin of Spacegodzilla which strangely they mentioned Biollante being responsable of the origin or Mothra. But why Biollante!? The other Godzilla was erased from history in Godzilla Vs King Ghidorah! And the other question is... If Biollante never existed then Mothra IS the answer of Spacegodzilla origin? Or maybe another origin I don't know.

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  • Deathrock9


    I've been looking around this wiki to check if these three images have made it on to this site yet, but after some looking, I've found that they aren't. Supposedly, these images are of ShinGoji's multiple forms in the new 2016 movie that have been taken from the book / pamphlet given out at the screening of the film. I found these images here.

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  • Goji75

    Godzilla GIFs

    August 3, 2016 by Goji75

    Recently I have been collecting Godzilla Gifs, so I'm going to post all of them here: I'll post more later on the suits pages, so expect gifs to take over!

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  • Magara M&E
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  • Indominus Rex 2016


    Raptor gets aweken by a horde of Beowolfs at Forever Fall forest

    Raptor:Bring it on!


    Raptor:*Becomes an Allosaurus and roars back*

    Beowolfs:*Claw strike*

    Raptor:*Charges at the Beowolfs*

    an Death Stalker shows up

    Death Stalker:*Roar*

    Raptor:Oh GREAT an giant scorpion! *Becomes an Giga* Let's see how you take care of the biggest carnivore dinosaur!



    ???:I will take care of him.

    Raptor:Who are you?

    ???:Im Salem, the queen of all Grimm!

    Raptor:Well ms."Queen" you and your creatures have disturbed me, and now you have to pay.

    Salem:Don't waste my time

    Raptor:Waste YOUR time?! Don't worry, this shoud be quick.

    Salem attacks with an red blaster out of her hand

    Raptor dodges and shots fire balls in Dragon form

    Salem do…

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  • Danijo

    So we all have seen Kong: Skull Island's new trailer, which was awsome. We have a good glimpse of Kong.

    What is certain, is that Kong is definitely humanoid. Much like the original. Same could be said about his facial look.

    What do you guys think of Kong's new look overall?

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  • Spinocroc123

    Spinocroc wkia!

    July 24, 2016 by Spinocroc123

    Hey guys!

    today i created a wikia that expans my fan projects and my youtube channel, as well as explaining some other stuff too.

    so if anyone wants to help me improve it and make it better, here's the link: 

    i'm working on some articles right now, so if you wanna joing then do so!

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  • Titanollante


    So, in the last blog we decided to open up the site to all kaiju content. For now, we've been tentatively renamed Monsterpedia, which could possibly be the name that sticks anyways. We have a couple of options however:

    We could name the new site one of the following things, and the URL will be changed to sort of reflect that. Choose one, or come up with one.

    • Monsterpedia
    • Kaijupedia
    • Kaiju Database
    • Kaiju Wiki (merge with the Kaiju Wiki)
    • Monster Wiki (merge with the Monster Wiki)
    • Giant Monster Wiki
    • Wikaiju
    • Daikaijupedia

    This is really just a popularity contest. So, vote in a comment below. You can vote for more than 1 name. Things with only 1 vote will not be counted...

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  • Magara M&E

    I don't know much about this figure other than its a X-plus and bandai Gashapon collaboration

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  • Goji75

    Thanks to my friends on Twitter, they found ShinGoji prototype image at SDCC (via twitter post from NECA) Why can't you take my money already?!?!

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  • GodzillaZero-One

    2,000 Edits!

    July 20, 2016 by GodzillaZero-One

    I know no one likes these blogs, but I usually don't celebrate personal milestones (such as when I forgot my Wikiversary, and my other milestone edits), so this one is very special for me! No one cares... I don't have any pictures, so I'm gonna link my YouTube account so you can check out my 4 new videos:

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  • Punigako

    Theory by user three (This is actually his username i'm not kidding) and I also did a little bit this theory

    This is a theory I came up with after hearing a line of dialogue in the english dubbed version of the film Godzilla vs. Biollante. It is different from the theory that Space Godzilla is a creature born from Biollante in that it assumes that Space Godzilla IS in fact Biollante, and not a warped cell or two that went into a black hole.

    Dr. Shiragami, upon seeing Biollante's final form proclaimed "Biollante...she's evolving...". Her appearance becomes more grotesque and yet more Godzilla like. We know following the final battle she ascends into space, and from what I gather is never mentioned or heard from again until Space Godzilla appe…

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  • Varanopode

    As you can read here, Barry's Temple Of Godzilla from 1995 is the first Godzilla website and needs an article. Of course it must be checked if there is an older one.

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  • Titanollante

    Hey everyone. I was wondering if we could rename Wikizilla to Monsterpedia (maybe Kaijupedia if more people agree to that) and well, we need the community to decide democratically.

    Before commentingRead my reasoning below:

    Over the years, our site has been heading into being a more general kaiju wiki rather than just a Godzilla-focused one with the inclusion of Gamera, King Kong, and Cloverfield content. These kaiju have all formed an important part of our website and have been around for a long time since their wikis are all dead--us being a sort of adoptive mother to them. In addition to these big kaiju, other kaiju stuff such as Gappa and a bit of Colossal Kaiju Combat are also present. In honor of this, I was wondering if we could rename Wik…
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  • Lamango
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  • Spinocroc123

    Is this true?

    July 14, 2016 by Spinocroc123

    is this correct?

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  • Varanopode

    Wiki Merchandise

    July 10, 2016 by Varanopode

    I have taken up this possibility again after I discovered two merchandise concepts here, which have been quite unnoticed. I would like to draw attention on it again.

    I had some thougts and discussions about wiki merchandise a few months ago for the German Godzilla-Wiki, but it could be unlikely that the Toho gives the license to produce something like that. I've been thinking of asking the Toho for the license. But this isn't very implausible. This would be an easy money source.

    The Wikizilla maybe needs no license, because the full name of Godzilla isn't needed just like the shape of Godzilla. (Here --> you can see some concepts in the comment section.)

    Perhaps the Toho makes an exception for the wiki…

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  • Spinocroc123

    Hey guys, it's me, your friend spino!

    i'm on my summer vacation right now, so i figured i make this post.

    so as the title says i've changed the story in my projects a lot, and i added some new films:

    • Godzilla: The Wrathful King : i've decided to introduce Godzilla in a "jungle book" kind of story were he was found as a young by kaiju and was raised by them as they were his mentors.
    • Godzilla Age of Exctinction : the replacer of "Godzilla Jr Legends of Destruction", which i sort of canceled but i will use the concept of it in the next film. so the story in "Godzilla Age of Exctinction" is about an adult Godzilla, unrelated to the previous one, that has awoken and started looking for his own kind. and then he found his son. but in 1990, the alien…
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  • KoopaGalaxain

    Not that anyone actually cares..

    So yeah, it's my Birthday today! I went to visit the Natural History Museum in London, and I also got Super Mario Maker.

    I hope you guys are all having great days too!

    I'll probably be more active again in the next few days.


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  • FlurrTheGamerMixel

    name: gomora 'shiju era'


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