• Zombiejiger

    Did anybody ever think of a Showa version of Godzilla: Final Wars? With all the monsters in their Showa versions? Write your opinion in the comments section. Wow, that's a lot of pictures...

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  • Zombiejiger

    I want to create my own Godzilla film. It would feature several new monsters and creatures.

    Plot: Several monsters appear around the world and Godzilla, Destoroyah, Zombie Jiger, Chinese Dragon God and Ultraman Tiga go to defeat them. At the end they face Spacegodzilla and Gaint Destoroyah and after they defeat them they leave to go all over Earth.Monsters:

    Godzilla (good)

    Gezora (none)

    Ultraman Tiga (good)

    Varan (bad)

    Zombie Jiger (good)

    Jiger (bad)

    Destoroyah (good)

    Chinese Dragon God (good)

    Zilla (bad)

    The Crackler (bad)

    Rubypole (bad)

    Orga (bad)

    Nano Monster (bad)

    Spacegodzilla (bad)

    SSSHGT2 (bad)

    Gaint Destoroyah (bad)

    If you think the movie sounds good, say so on my talk page.

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  • Zen shadow

    Geisha World

    August 22, 2015 by Zen shadow

    The Geisha World Wiki is named after the artistic and mystical women known as Geisha (Geiko or Geigi), but it deals with interests other than geisha, such as; the arts of Japan, their religion which is traditionally Shinto, and many other interesting and intriguing things about Japan. The Geisha World Wiki also gives users the freedom to talk about multiple subjects considering Japan, without being tied down to one subject. You can truly say that the Geisha World Wiki is about everything Japanese, and we wish to be affiliated with wikis of the same topics.

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  • Zakor1138

    Too bad they don't have the license to show what he looks like.

    From Marvel 75th Anniversary Celebration #1.

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  • Zakor1138


    March 5, 2014 by Zakor1138

    Well, it's been a fun ride. But in a day or two I'll be gone from this site...

    ... For about a month. I'll be back around then. I'll be in a little trip to Chile, South America. So don't miss me that much. There's a possibility I will still be able to get in the Wikia during that time, but I won't be as active as before.

    So, wish me luck!

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  • Zakor1138

    Here's a video that shows just how much of a boss Godzilla is in the Marvel universe.

    Warning: Video NSFW. Contains adult language.

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  • Zakor1138


    Image by Matt Frank

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  • ZTiTaNoZ

    These monster are acutually really cool, but no one gives them respect and only a few of them were in video games.







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  • Xeno126

    I saw a muto leg the Godzilla face the trail of destruction THIS WILL BE THE F***ING BEST REMAKE OF ALL LORDS TIME THANK YOU LEGANDARY SO MUCH TEN YEAR OF WAIT ON A side note where can I get Godzilla 1984 remake

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  • Xeno126

    WATCH IT NOW IN IMAX 3d this amzing film elevrate 60 years of the world s most awesome monster ALL HAIL THE KING

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