"Black Angels"

Shin Godzilla OST - Japanese cover - Red

Shin Godzilla - North American digital release

General Information
Composed by

Shiro Sagisu


Catherine Bott (Soprano)
Deborah Miles-Johnson (Alto, Mezzo-Soprano)
Andrew Busher (Tenor)
Micheal George (Bass)


Mike Wyzgowski

Track #



Shin Godzilla (Original Soundtrack)




Godzilla Appears


Taba Strategy (Fob 01)

"Black Angels" is a theme that plays when the JSDF sends helicopters to attack Godzilla in the film Shin Godzilla, and is featured on the soundtrack for the film.


Out for revenge,
we will fight to the end.
And the profit of doom will be silenced again.

Just to be crushed to despair,
with no blood to be sparred.
As a thunderous cloud will descend,
like black angels of the lost


  • The song is an adaptation of another musical piece done by Shiro Sagisu, from his Bleach soundtrack, called "What Can You See In Their Eyes".
  • In the American release, this piece was severely edited. The vocals heard before the lyrics start are cut, and the second verse only repeats the last lines of lyrics.
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