Demon Anguirus (Godzilla in Hell)
Biological Information

Demonic Ankylosaur

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IDW Publishing
Bob Eggleton

First appearance

Godzilla in Hell

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Godzilla in Hell

The demonic Anguirus is a giant Ankylosaurus-like kaiju created by IDW that first appeared in the 2015 Godzilla comic, Godzilla in Hell.


Anguirus' demonic version looks almost exactly like the original Anguirus' Destroy All Monsters appearance, with one difference: the sclera on his eyes is orange, without pupils.


Anguirus seems to have little personality. He remains quiet and angry during his battle against Godzilla, focusing only on the battle.


Godzilla in Hell

Anguirus appeared in the second issue of the IDW mini-series Godzilla in Hell, where he confronted Godzilla in a frozen area in the Hell. Anguirus was originally incased in ice, but he thawed himself out when Godzilla arrived. Anguirus faced off against Godzilla, managing to bite his arm. Then, Godzilla threw Anguirus against the floor, breaking it causing him to fall into the resulting hole.


Sharp teeth, claws and caparace

Anguirus' only known ability. The demonic ankylosaur can use his sharp teeth and claws to his advantage.


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