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Akihiko Hirata
Daisuke Serizawa, Kyuichiro Kashiwagi, Ryōichi Shiraishi, Tominaga, Dr. Fujimura, Kobayashi, Director General of National Nucleus Center, Endo, Dr. Jusawa, Mu Agent #23, Police Chief Okita, Captain Ryuui, Dr. Fujisaki, Dr. Sugata, Mr. K, Hideto Miyajima, Botanist, Dr. Shinzô Mafune, Ooishi, Inoue Ryutarou
Birth Date                       Birthplace
December 16, 1927 Seoul, Korea
First Appearance               Notable Work  
The Last Embrace Godzilla

Akihiko Hirata (平田昭彦,   Hirata Akihiko?) was an actor in Toho movies and Japanese TV dramas. He is one of the most famous actors in Tokusatsu movies.

His most famous role was Daisuke Serizawa in Godzilla, who created the Oxygen Destroyer.



  • In both his first and last appearances, Hirata played a scientist.

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