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The 84Goji (84ゴジ?) is the Godzilla suit design used in the 1984 Godzilla film, The Return of Godzilla.


The 84Goji's name comes from the year the film it was featured in, The Return of Godzilla, came out (1984, because in Japan the film was just called Godzilla with no additional words to that title and Godzilla faced no monsters in it), and Goji, which comes from Godzilla's Japanese name, Gojira (ゴジラ?).


Godzilla was revived in 1984, this time returning to his menacing appearance, instead of the "hero" appearance used at the end of the original series. Everything that was on this suit, was on the original suit, except lacking the little ears behind the eyes. Godzilla was four-toed instead of three, his fangs appeared again, and the dorsal fins were large again too. The tail was made longer, and the eyes showed a lot of white in them.

The suit was massive, weighing in at 242 pounds, much more than the Godzilla suits used in the 1970s (88 pounds). Kenpachiro Satsuma took the place as the suitmation actor for The Return of Godzilla, the movie this suit appeared in. Some of the scenes were not filmed with this suit, but other props, such as a 49ft. foot, and a separate tail.

Due to problems with the mechanisms in the suit's eyes, his eyes sometimes face away from each other, giving a somewhat comical appearance which wasn't intended by Toho. This is particularly apparent during close-ups of the suit.

This suit was stolen from Toho a little while after The Return of Godzilla released, and still, nobody has been able to find the suit, or the culprit, though it is highly unlikely that the suit is currently intact, considering how long Godzilla suits normally last. However, the massive cybot remained in Toho's ownership, and was put on display in multiple film festivals around Japan.[1]

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