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In the real world

Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S. is released on December 14th.

In the Kaiju Multiverse

After four years of hard work, the "Mechagodzilla" created with the bones and DNA of Godzilla, is fanally compleated. The 60 meter tall robot, which is nicknamed Kiryu, is armed with a powerful Absolute Zero Cannon capable of firing a ray that freezes any target to 0 degrees Kelvin. Just around the time the robot is compleated, Godzilla returns and lands in Japan. Kiryu is deployed to fight the creature off, but before it can fire it's Abolute Zero Cannon, Godzilla roars and the spirit of the original Godzilla within the machine awakens and control of Kiryu is lost. As Godzilla escapes, Kiryu goes berzerk and attacks the city itself, just as the soul inside had done 49 years earlier. Thankfully, the robot's power supply runs out after two hours, but the city is in ruins. When Godzilla attacks again several weeks later, it is only with extreme reluctance that Japan's Prime Minister deployes Kiryu again. The two monsters duke it out in Tokyo, and Kiryu finally suceeds in grabbing Godzilla and flying him out to sea. Just as the two hit the water, Kiryu fires Absolute Zero. While the water around is frozen solid, Godzilla surfaces still alive, but not without a large wound in it's chest. As Godzilla swims out to sea, Kiryu also surfaces, but is in bad shape, having lost it's Absolute Zero Cannon and one of it's arms. Kiryu is salvaged and brought back to base for repairs.

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